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burgess hill newsBurgess Hill News Archive 2015

Burgess Hill Uncovered love a bit of news whether big or small. We're rather good at sniffing out a story. However, we're greedy and always want more! So if you have a bit of news or gossip to share, then send us an email - news@burgesshilluncovered.co.uk or use our contact form

burgess hill neighbourhood plan referendum
Stunningly Low Turn-Out For Burgess Hill Referendum
11th December 2015 - Were you one of the 79% of registered voters that didn't bother? Tell us why here.
burgess hill gas works
Environmental Clean-Up Of Gas Works Site Imminent
15th December 2015 - National Grid seel to remove contaminated soil from the land.
burgess hill neighbourhood plan referendum
5 Facts The Council Won't Tell You About The Referendum
19th November 2015 - Enough council rubbish. Time for the TRUTH.
press start to join
The Force is Strong At Burgess Hill Video Gaming Event
7th December 2015 - Why did this not happen years ago?!?!
burgess hill martlets hall replacement
20 Year Wait To Replace Martlets Hall
19th November 2015 - The story gets bleaker and bleaker. How has this been allowed to happen?
burgess hill martlets hall replacement
Lidl To Relocate To Leylands Road Gas Works Site
27th November 2015 - Well, this is a complete surprise! Will Lidl work in this location?
burgess hill neighbourhood plan referendum
POSTPONE The Burgess Hill Neighbourhood Plan Referendum!!
13th November 2015 - Confusion threatens a genuine result.
keymer tiles fencing falls down
Pictures: Road Blocked As Masses Of Developer's Fencing Falls Down
18th November 2015 - Hope their homes are better than their fences!
martlets shopping centre
Video: Virtual Tour Of Proposed Martlets Shopping Centre Redevelopment
12th November 2015 - What do you think to how the Martlets could look?
burgess hill shopping centre roofs
Video: Know Your Shopping Centres.. & Their Roofs!!
12th November 2015 - A video made by BHU that has proved to be a big hit on our Facebook page.
cheeky monkeys closes
Cheeky Monkeys Soft Play Closes As Bailiffs Secure Building
12th November 2015 - There's no coming back this time..
pet shed burgess hill
The Pet Shed Pet Shop Closes Down
12th November 2015 - Both independently-owned pet shops close within a month of each other.
burgess hill town centre gang assualt
7 Assaulted In Burgess Hill Town Centre Attack
4th November 2015 - Man left with a fractured eye socket outside the kebab shops on Station Road.
burgess hill remembrance sunday parage
Video: Burgess Hill Remembrance Sunday
8th November 2015 - Huge numbers turned out in the town centre to watch the remembrance parade.
oakmeeds community college
Oakmeeds Removed From Special Measures By Ofsted
5th November 2015 - Great news for secondary education in Burgess Hill.
martlets town centre plan display
Burgess Hill Town Centre Regeneration Plans To Go On Display
5th November 2015 - A chance for you to quiz the developers.
burgess hill burst water main
Video: Roads Flooded Due To ANOTHER Burst Water Main
2nd November 2015 - 1000's were without water again due to another burst pipe at Fairfield Rec.
town council sex alleyway
Council To Close 'Sex Alley'
3rd November 2015 - Sad times for fans of sexual activity in alleyways as the council want to close off the one next to their own offices.
st johns church clock
Eye-Watering Amount Of Public Money Needed To Clean Church Clock
3rd November 2015 - Find out how much St John's Church want...
burgess hill fairtrade award
Burgess Hill Scoops Annual Fairtrade Campaign Award
2nd November 2015 - 'Best Media Campaign' award for the local Fairtrade group
martlets shopping centre redevelopment
Explained: The Martlets Redevelopment Plans
26th October 2015 - We've read all the documents so that you don't have to. Find out what we know.
martlets shopping centre comment deadine
Audio: Don't Be Misled Over Martlets Application Deadline For Public Representations
30th October 2015 - Statement from MSDC over councillor mis-information.
stolen burgess hill defibrillator discovered by dogs
Dogs Discover Stolen Defibrillator!
28th October 2015 -Find out where Denise Groves and her dogs found the missing defibrillator here...
martlets businesses homeless
Homeless? Discover The 23 Businesses *Potentially* Leaving The Town Centre
25th October 2015 - A lack of replacement units in Martlets plans.
martlets shopping centre redevelopment
Martlets Redevelopment Planning Application Finally Submitted!
20th October 2015 - It's taken 5 years, but it's finally come in. Exciting.
gruffalo burgess hill christmas lights 2015
The Gruffalo To Turn On Burgess Hill Christmas Lights
20th October 2015 - Because Gordon the Gorilla must have been booked already!
dockerills burgess hill
Business To Relocate To Empty Dockerills Shop..
15th October 2015 - Find out who is on the move up the road to the site of the former Dockerills Shop.
burgess hill gypsy travellers
New Neeeeeighbours For Chanctonbury Road Residents
16th October 2015 - ...because it's good to have a bit of diversity.
aqua pets shop burgess hill
Burgess Hill Pet Shop Closes Down
15th October 2015 - Farewell to Aqua Pets as owners announce their retirement after 43 years.
Arvo vulcan xh558 bomber burgess hill
Video: Vulcan XH558 Bomber Flies Over Burgess Hill
11th October 2015 - See footage of the XH558 over Burgess Hill in one of its last ever flights before retirement.
oak tree keymer tiles site
Council Save Oak Tree From Developers Chainsaw
10th October 2015 - Discover why MSDC saved an oak tree and the feud with Croudace Homes.
new burgess hill housing developments
5 New Housing Developments You May Not Be Aware Of
6th October 2015 - New homes, but a chronic lack of parking spaces.
defibrillators stolen in burgess hill
Defibrillator Stolen From Burgess Hill Theatre Club
5th October 2015 - Stealing traffic cones, knocking down signs and bollards is one thing.....
fifa scandal burgess hill tesco

FIFA Scandal At Tesco Burgess Hill
3rd October 2015 - Sepp Blatter has a lot of explaining to do as the bad press for FIFA just keeps on coming.

burgess hill town fc season preview

Hillians Call On Council For Extended Ground Lease
2nd October 2015 - MSDC hold the key to how well BHTFC can thrive in the Ryman Premier

gatehouse lane crash
Car Crashes During Gatehouse Lane Police Chase
28th September 2015 - Drama in Burgess Hill on a Sunday evening.
burges hill bonfire night 2015 photos
2015 Burgess Hill Bonfire Night Photos & Video
28th September 2015 - The best footage of the big night as shared across social media channels.
specsavers Burgess Hill
Major Highstreet Name To Occupy Empty Fusion Unit In Town Centre
29th September 2015 - It's not Sainsbury, but does begin with an 's'
cctv st john's park
CCTV Cameras To Be Installed In St John's Park
18th September 2015 - The skaters won't be amused, but maybe less trees will be snapped.
CEX Burgess Hill
CeX To Open Store In Burgess Hill Town Centre
18th September 2015 - The entertainment and electronics trading store is coming very soon.
nandos primark burgess hill
Nando's & Primark Are Burgess Hill's 'Most Wanted'
18th September 2015 - Discover the top ten restaurant and fashion chains that people want to see in town.
battle of britain flypast
Video: WW2 Aircraft Fly Over Burgess Hill
16th September 2015 - The Battle Of Britain Flypast came directly over Burgess Hill!
burgess hill town council lies
Lies, Deceit, And The Missing £30 Million
7th September 2015 - The tale of how both local councils have misled and lied to the public.
mid sussex district council burgess hill town centre
Council Agree Town Centre Redevelopment Proposals
9th September 2015 - The forgone conclusion is confirmed without a shred of consultation.
andrew barrett-miles burgess hill town council

Concerns Grow For Missing Council Leader
2nd September 2015 - Council leader Andrew Barrett-Miles hasn't been seen in a long time. Have you seen him?

kings church burgess hill
'We Can't Be Martlets Hall Replacement' Says Kings Church Pastor
2nd September 2015 - Council's contingency plan in tatters!
martlets redevelopment newriver retail
Council Set To Decide On Town Centre Redevelopment
2nd September 2015 - The Martlets transformation may finally happen this time, honest!
new arts and entertainment centre scrapped
Flawed Report Rules Out New Arts Centre
2nd September 2015 - You can prove anything with statistics... unless they are flawed. Outrage ahead.
bhu vs msdc
Burgess Hill Uncovered Vs Mid Sussex District Council AGAIN
19th August 2015 - When Freedom of Information departments go bad.
burgess hill western arc
West Side Of Burgess Hill Under Siege From Developers
19th August 2015 - Another 1,000+ homes to be added to the total
burgess hill northern arc
Northern Arc Planning Application Imminent
9th August 2015 - The proposed 4,000 houses in the North of Burgess Hill are soon to become a reality.
burgess hill town fc season preview

Burgess Hill Town FC 2015/16 Season Preview
7th August 2015 - Signings, pre-season results, video, audio, all your Hillians news here.

cyprus road auction
Key Cyprus Road Buildings Up For Auction
7th August 2015 - Will one of the councils buy the buildings for the planned 'Cultural Quarter'?
burgess hill drone video

Video:Spectular Drone Footage Of Bugess Hill
5th August 2015 - A number of locations have been filmed from the skies, including Lidl!

mid sussex district councillors exposed

Top Councillors' Own Words Come Back To Haunt Them Over Town's Facilities
5th August 2015 - Amazing what digging through the archives turns up!

mulberry hartleys closes down

Mulberrys Convenience Store/Off Licence Closes
5th August 2015 - A mere few months after a complete refit, the former Hartley's store has closed.

burgess hill theatre club

Future Of Burgess Hill Theatre Club Under Threat
22nd July 2015 - Club's chairman hits out at the potential loss of the Martlets Hall.

nicholas soames fox hunting ban

Poll: Should Soames Vote To Repeal Hunting Ban?
12th July 2015 - MP says he'll vote to repeal the ban. Whose view is he really representing? His own?

Hillians Draw With Northampton Town
12th July 2015 - News, match report and photos from the Hillians' first game back at home in pre-season
barnardos burgess hill

Barnardo's Open Second Burgess Hill Shop In A Month
10th July 2015 - Barnardo's charity shops are alot like buses.....

save the martlets hall campaign

Save The Martlets Hall Public Meeting Called
5th July 2015 - Keep Tuesday 14th July free. A cracking meeting will take place. It's sure to get heated.

truffles burgess hill

Truffles Bakery To Close In In September
10th July 2015 - Yet another baker is pulling out of Burgess Hill. Where will we get our doughnuts from now?

attack mill road burgess hill

Two Men Charged Over Burgess Hill Attack
1st July 2015 - Discover the identity of the two men charged - the victim still fights for his life in hospital.

forfars bakery burgess hill

Farewell Forfars - Town Bakery Closes Down
3rd July 2015 - It's a sad day for fans of cheese straws as Forfars is closing down.

attack mill road burgess hill

Man In Critical Condition After Attack In Mill Road
30th June 2015 - Police need information after a horrendously violent attack on Sunday morning.

burgess hill top house pub

Top House Pub Renamed Burgess Hill Inn
1st July 2015 - A new name, but many aren't impressed. Discover the reaction in our report.

heart attack wivelsfield station

Man Suffers Heart Attack At Wivelsfield Station
29th June 2015 - 2 men applied CPR to the gentleman until the paramedics arrived.

Gill Perry Newick House

Say Farewell To Gill Perry At Woodlands Meed's Fair
1st July 2015 - The Newick House and Woodlands Meed Headteacher is retiring. Come say goodbye?

martlets hall

Audio: Disgraceful Collusion Sees Martlets Hall Axed
19th June 2015 - Outrage as MSDC and NewRiver Retail seal the fate of the Martlets Hall with no replacement.

southway junior school
School's Sensory Garden Needs Your Votes
25th June 2015 - Can you help Southway junior school win a £16k grant for their project?
burgess hill new shops
Two Businesses Move To Town Centre
18th June 2015 - One is a really big name that'll rescue the Martlets.
mid sussex district plan
Final Chance To Comment On The Mid Sussex District Plan
17th June 2015 - Speak now or forever hold your peace.
keymer tiles housing development
Planning Committee Approve First 125 Homes For Keymer Tiles Site
12th June 2015 - Blame the councillors and officers
rugby world cup burgess hill
Rugby World Cup To Visit Burgess Hill
10th June 2015 - Exciting times for fans of Rugby as the Webb Ellis trophy is coming to say hello!
msdc car parking sign
District Council's Misspelt 'Motorcycles' Sign Goes Viral
8th June 2015 - How many idiots does it take to order, produce, package, deliver and install a sign?
keymer tiles housing development
Planning Officers Recommend Approval For Keymer Tiles Development
2nd June 2015 - Cue many upset people....
touch rugby
Rugby Club Launch Free Touch Rugby Sessions For All
31st May 2015 - St Johns Park is the place to be every thursday throughout the summer
covers burgess hill
Covers Secure New Burgess Hill Premises
28th May 2015 - It's costing them £1.25 million. Find out where here!
kfc sign square
New KFC Sign Contravenes Planning Permission
26th May 2015 - The councils have the chance to slap KFC down. Will they take it?
burgess hill neighbourhood plan hearing
Flawed Burgess Hill Neighbourhood Plan To Face Public Hearing
22nd May 2015 - The plan is set to fall at the first hurdle. We saw it coming!
burgess hill bike ride
Bike Ride Needs Your Votes To Secure £1,000 Grant
21st May 2015 - Help out the Burgess Hill Bike Ride organisers via the Aviva Community Fund Project.
victoria road homes
New Victoria Road Homes The Ugliest In Burgess Hill?
17th May 2015 - A picture speaks a 1,000 words, in this case, many unpleasant ones!
ve day beacon
VE Day Beacon Lighting Fails To Ignite Interest
12th May 2015 - Find out what happens when the council organise an event but fail to publicise it!
2015 elect results
2015 Burgess Hill Town & Mid Sussex District Council Election Results
10th May 2015 - *Spoilers* Burgess Hill is going to hell in a handbasket.
nicholas soames
Nicholas Soames Wins 2015 Mid Sussex Parliamentary Seat Election
8th May 2015 - Sorry to have to break this news. It's a sad day.
mid sussex district plan
Full Extent Of District Plan Failure Revealed
29th April 2015 - the cabinet member for planning was forced to come clean It's NOT good news for our town.
martlets redevelopment plans
Mutliplex Cinema & New Library Dropped From Town Centre Plans
27th April 2015 - We're surprised if you're surprised by this news!
Burgess Hill street lighting turned off
Confirmed: Council To Turn Off Street Lights Leaving Town In Darkness
27th April 2015 -- Things will go bump in the night. Heads on lampposts!
burgess hill free parking
New On-Street Parking Along Church Road
27th April 2015 - Amazingly timed just before the election, 30 minutes free parking is on the way.
burgess hill rugby club
Audio Interview: Rugby Club's 'Winner Takes All' Play-Off Game Preview
24th April 2015 - Director of Rugby Ross Hallifax speaks to BHU.
burgess hill town football club
Video: Ryman League Trophy Presented To Burgess Hill Town FC
23rd April 2015 - Hundreds packed into the stadium for this!
Sainsbury Local Coming To Burgess Hill Town Centre?
19th April 2015 - Our mate told us he'd heard from an employee, so it must be like totally true, right?
burgess hill town football club
Burgess Hill Town Football Club To Collect League Winners Trophy
17th April 2015 - A proud day ahead. Plastic fans are welcome!
burgess hill town council filming
Councillors Awarded Power To Film Members Of The Public
16th April 2015 - Disgraceful scences at the annual town meeting (Again!)
keymer tiles housing development
Demolition Of Keymer Tiles Factories Begins
15th April 2015 - Pictures of the tile works being turned to rubble ahead of the new housing development.
toby brothers ukip mid sussex
Audio Interview: Toby Brothers - Mid Sussex Parliamentary Candidate
12th April 2015 - The UKIP candidate answers your questions.
south of folders lane protest signs
Council Accused Of 'Double Standards' Over Protest Sign Removal
31st March 2015 - One rule for the developers, another for the people.
triangle leisure centre gym memberships
Triangle Gym Memberships Rise, But Are You Priced Out?
31st March 2015 - Read on to take our poll and tell us what you think.
cyprus road car park
100 New Parking Spaces To Be Added To Town Centre Car Park
25th March 2015 - Announced just before the election. Convenient.
south of folders land action group
Protests Begin As 1,500 New Homes Are Set For Folders Lane
25th March 2015 - 15 fields are now in the hands of properly developers.
kfc sign square
Gigantic New KFC Roadside Sign Causes Upset
17th March 2015 - Take a look at our pictures and see what you think.
bumpy bridge replacement
Clearance Work At The Bumpy Bridge Progresses
16th March 2015 -Photos of the preparation work for the exciting new bridge.
keymer tiles before after
Masses Of Trees Felled As Developers Prepare Keymer Tiles Site
16th March 2015 - Take a look at our startling 'Before and After' photos.
conservative councillor cheat sheet
Councillor Accidently Reveals Need For Party Policy 'Cheat Sheet'
13th March 2015 - Are you sure you're a proper member of your party?
wivelsfield station entrance
New Entrance For Wivelsfield Station Causes Controversy
10th March 2015 - A new disabled entrance for is set to cause problems for residents in a cul-de-sac.
burgess hill estatr agent sign
Estate Agent Shop Sign Crashes To The Ground
7th March 2015 - Time to invest in hard hats when visiting the town centre from now on.
clinton cards
Clinton Cards To Close
2nd March 2015 - Staff and customers are not happy as the popular card shop is to leave town.
mid sussex district council
District Council Hamper Young Election Candidates
1st March 2015 - Daytime only meetings which suit only the retired and unemployed people.
martha and daisys emporium
Martha & Daisy's Emporium To Open In Burgess Hill
26th February 2015 - An emporium WAR is on the horizon as a rival is coming to town!
jeeves and wooster kittens
Escaped Kittens Saga Grips Burgess Hill Community
19th February 2015 - Follow the tale of Jeeves and Wooster, two 8 month-old kittens who escaped their carrier
burgess hill new shops
Trio Of New Shops To Open Burgess Hill
16th February 2015 - *SPOILERS* It's not a nail salon, coffee shop or a funeral directors!
cllr pete bradbury
Councillor Lies With 'Cheapest Parking In Sussex' Claim
13th February 2015 - Embarassing for District councillor Pete Bradbury.
burgess hill town council cyber war
Town Council To Launch Cyber War Against Burgess Hill Uncovered
10th February 2015 - Yes, you read the headline correctly!
kathryn hall mid sussex district council
MSDC Chief Exec Plays Down Significance Of The Martlets Hall
5th February 2015 - A clear sign that the venue is DOOMED.
andy petch burgess hill quits
Burgess Hill County Councillor Quits Conservative Party
4th February 2015 - To be honest, we'd forgotten about him!
man injured in Burgess Hill
Man Injured In Burgess Hill Fight
2nd February 2015 - Can you help the police with details of an incident from Saturday 31st January?
police cctv car vandalism burgess hill
Police Release Video Of Car Vandalism In Church Road
26th January 2015 - Can you help Sussex Police identify the vandal that caused damaged to a car parked?
birchwood grove sports kit
BHRFC and GR Teamwear donate new kit to Birchwood Grove School
19th January 2015 - Rugby club show great generosity.
station road traffic accident
Pedestrians Seriously Injured In Burgess Hill Collision
15th January 2015 - A couple are in hospital with serious injuries following an incident on Station Road.
birchwood grove burgess hill
Tree Crushes Car And Blocks School Entrance During Overnight Storm
15th January 2015 - Full details and many pictures from the scene.
martlets development plans
Planning Application For Revamped Shopping Centre Fails To Emerge
13th January 2015
- 'By the end of December' said' NewRiver Retail
egging burgess hill
Burgess Hill Egging Incidents On The Rise
11th January 2015 - A rail replacement bus was targetted as youths went on the rampage!
burgess hill town football club
Video: Burgess Hill Bow Out Of F.A Trophy
10th January 2015 - video, photos and a match report from a game that was watched by over 1,000 people!
coca cola christmas truck 2014
Police Seek Witnesses Of New Years Day Assault In Town Centre
6th January 2015 - Did you see what happened outside Waitrose?
greg luer hull city
Video: Hillians' Striker Departs For Hull City
6th January 2015 - Greg's final words and video of his leaving presentation.
burgess hill free parking petition
Council Reject Public's Request For Three Hours Free Parking In Town
5th January 2015 - Reaction to one of the most predictable decisions ever
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