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Burgess Hill News Archive 2011

Burgess Hill isn't always the typical sleepy town, occasionally a gunman will rob the local Post Office or the District Council waste public money. You can be sure that Burgess Hill Uncovered won't shy away from adding a bit of character into our news reports as we tell it like it is.

Martlets Shopping Precinct
Video: Virtual Tour Of Proposed Martlets Shopping Precinct
NewRiver Retail have released a video that takes viewers on a virtual tour around what that Martlets shopping precinct could look like if their redevelopment plans are given the green light. Take a look and tell us what you think.
Compulsory Water Meters
Compulsory Water Meters To Increase Household Bills
South East Water are currently installing Water Meters across Mid Sussex in a bid to try and save water. Sadly it seems that families won't be saving themselves money if the online water bill calculator proves accurate.
Mid-Sussex Power Couple
The Mid Sussex Power Couple Waiting To Happen
When a resident of Burgess Hill sends an email with an in-depth observation of the political scene in Mid-Sussex, it would be rude not to publish it, so with have! It will open your eyes as to what is going on under your very noses.
Burgess Hill Mayor
Burgess Hill Get A Mayor They Didn't Choose
Christopher Thomas-Atkin is the new mayor of Burgess Hill. He was chosen to do the roll by his fellow town councillors and NOT by the public. Is this a fair way of deciding who represents the people and the town?
Orion Cinema Sainsbury
Will A New Supermarket Fit And Preserve The Cinema?
With rumour running rife that a Sainsbury supermarket is going to be built in the Cyrpus Road Car Park with the loss of the local cinema and other civic buildings, we examine if its possible for the Cinema to survive.
Orion Cinema Sainsbury
Cinema Under Threat From New Supermarket?
Mid Sussex District Council and Sainsbury are in talks with a view to the supermarket giant setting up shop in the town centre. Land at the Cyprus Road car park has been identified, which could see the Orion Cinema disappear.
triangle leisure centre
EXPOSED!! The Triangle Leisure Centre Laid Bare
Burgess Hill Uncovered have received a devastating document complied by a member of the public, detailing the many failings of the Triangle Leisure Centre.
This story has plenty of photos to back up the claims made.
Burgess Hill Special School Development Site
Council Vehicles Illegally Cover Residential Roads In Mud?
The council could be breaking a legal agreement after vehicles entering the Oakmeeds Community College field left a trail of mud on a public footpath and residential roads. See the photos and documentation in our report.
Oakmeeds Community College
Oakmeeds' Cashless Catering System Chaos
Oakmeeds Community College have introduced a new cashless catering system. Pupils had to supply their fingerprints in order to be identified by the new system, but is their data safe, and is it really legal?
triangle leisure centre
Council propose inappropriate ideas for development land
The best interests of the residents of Burgess Hill seem to have been ingored as members of the district council had a meeting to discuss the land available for development at the Triangle Leisure Centre.
Burgess Hill Traffic Congestion
Video: Special needs school to cause traffic chaos
With differing opinions between West Sussex County Council and the local residents as to how a new school will affect the traffic in Chanctonbury Road, we filmed the route to show what its really like during the school run.
Mid Sussex District Council Dog Control Order
New Dog Control Order Introduced By District Council
Mid Sussex District Council are clamping down on ignorant Dog walkers that refrain from clearing up their dog's poo by introducing £75 fines for those that are caught. We examine if such an order is enforceable in practice.

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