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burgess hill newsBurgess Hill News Archive 2013

Burgess Hill isn't always the typical sleepy town, occasionally a gunman will rob the local Post Office or the District Council waste public money. You can be sure that Burgess Hill Uncovered won't shy away from adding a bit of character into our news reports as we tell it like it is.

Burgess Hill Road Works
10 Weeks Of Delays At Main Town Crossroads
12th December 2013 --If you're a fan of temporary traffic lights and roadworks then you'll want to head on over to the London Road/Royal George Road crossroads where you can enjoy them for ten whole weeks. Find out exactly what's taking place in our report.
Burgess Hill Town Council Public Meetings
Council Deny Public Access To Meetings
3rd December 2013 -- Learn all about how Burgess Hill Town Council have come up with a way to block the public from attending meetings that they have to legally allow anyone to attend. Cunning, very cunning.
Burgess Hill Traffic Regulation Orders
20mph Limits Proposed For Burgess Hill Roads
19th November 2013 -- With Burgess Hill roads in a state of disrepair, many people see fixing the potholes as a priority, however, it’s suggestions for traffic regulation orders that our town councillors have been asked to put to the county councils highways department.
Burgess Hill New York Nails
New York Nails Disappear From Burgess Hill Town Centre
15th November 2013 -- In the dead of night, New York Nails packed up their acrylics and varnishes and made a hasty exit from the Martlets. Find out what the centre management had to say in our report.
Oakmeeds Community College 2013 Exam Results
49% - Oakmeeds Record Alarming GCSE Pass-Rate
1st October 2013 -- Oakmeeds Community College have finally revealed the statistics for their 2013 GCSE exam results. They were the worst performing school in the local area. We look at just what could be to blame for this very poor performance.
MacMillan Coffee Morning Burgess Hill
Rose Bush Cake Scoops Top Prize At Charity Coffee Morning
27th September 2013 -- A morning filled of activities and entertainment in aid of MacMillan was held at the Market Place shopping centre in Burgess Hill. The event culminated with the judging of the bake-off competition. We have pictures of all the cakes in our report.
St Johns Park Vandalism
Second Night Of Destruction In St Johns Park
22nd September 2013 -- Vandalism in St Johns Park reached a whole new level on Saturday evening with multiple trees snapped, uprooted and flowerbeds destroyed. We have photos of all the damage.
St Johns Park Burgess Hill
Tree Felled In St Johns Park Children's Play Area By Idiot(s)
20th September 2013 -- Mindless vandalism in St Johns Park has seen a tree felled which provided very useful shade for children in the Summer months. Just what goes through the minds of people to do such a thoughtless act?
BBC Radio Sussex
Burgess Hill Uncovered Interviewed On BBC Radio Sussex
11th September 2013 -- BBC Radio Sussex are touring various towns in the county during September to celebrate the 30th year of the station. Day 11 was spent in Burgess Hill. Naturally Burgess Hill Uncovered were asked to reveal all about the town....
Martlets Shopping Centre
Yet Another Set Of New Proposals For The Martlets Are Revealed
8th September 2013 -- Councillors and members of the public all gave out a collective groan this week as NewRiver Retail - owners of the Martlets shopping centre - put forward scaled back plans for the town centre and a significant delay on when it may actually take place.
Norman Road Diversion
REVEALED - County Council Send Cars Down A Dead End!
6th September 2013 -- West Sussex County Council have been well and truely exposed by Burgess Hill Uncovered for being truely inept when it comes to highways management. Discover where their offical diversion road was supposed to be, it will leave you gobsmacked!
Wetherspoon Burgess Hill
Wetherspoon To Burgess Hill Is Still On The Cards
5th September 2013 -- It had gone very quiet for months, but Wetherspoons have made a movement! This week they've submitted a licensing application to Mid Sussex District Council. Read on to find out their desired opening times.
Burgess Hill Library Wifi
Free Wifi Internet Installed At Burgess Hill Library
5th September 2013 -- Burgess Hill library have well and truely joined the year 2013 by finally installing free wifi internet. Read our story to discover the username and password along with the lovely provisions the library have provided for those that bring along their own laptops!
West Sussex County County Highways Department
West Sussex County Counci Highways Department Lose The Plot!
4th September 2013 -- West Sussex County Council's Highways department have outdone themselves this time as they've scheduled works in a road where they are currently sending a heavy flow of diverted traffic from Queen Elizabeth Avenue. Traffic Chaos has ensued.
Burgess Hill Cycle Path
Council Admit That There Is No Room To Expand New Cycle Path
2nd September 2013 -- Many roads in Burgess Hill are in a complete state. Cas are getting damaged as a result. What do the council council decided to do? Spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on a cycle path that they have admitted from the start will not lead anywhere!
Burgess Hill Water Play Area
St Johns Park Water Play Area Petition Completed And Delivered!
8th August 2013 -- The District Council may have made life difficult for the people of Burgess Hill, but 1,300 petition signatures have been obtained, forcing MSDC to consider a water play area for the town. We have an exclusive intervie
Balcombe Fracking Protest Cuadrilla
Balcombe Fracking Protests - The Story So Far
7th August 2013 -- To frack of not to frack? Whatever your opinion, the goings on at Balcombe are very interesting and will set the tone for the rest of the country. BHU have spent a lot of time at the protest site and thus we have this report and pictures for you of the story so far...
Peter Andre Burgess Hill
Peter Andre Films 60 Minute Makeover In Burgess Hill
1st August 2013 -- Some lucky fans got to meet Peter Andre outside the Cherry Tree Activity Centre after filmed wrapped for the christmas edition of ITV's '60 Minute Makeover' BHU were there to snap some pictures and record some video footage!
Mooch Cafe Bar Closes in Burges Hill
Mooch @76 Cafe Bar Closes
2nd July 2013 -- More bad news for Burgess Hill Town Centre as Mooch has closed its doors for the final time.
Worlds End Outdoor Gym
Man In Pink Jumper Opens New Sports Equipment
2nd July 2013 -- Mid Sussex District Council conducted yet another pointless official opening of a piece of leisure equipment. The interest however is in the rather revealing press release that the council wrote for the occasion.
Queen Elizabeth Avenue
£14k Of Public Money To Fund Erection Of Advertising Banners
30th June 2013 -- In times of austerity, what better than for our council to spend our town's limited funds on more christmas lights and extra high lamp posts to hold advertising banners.
Burgess Hill Police Station Closure
Burgess Hill Police Station Moving To Tesco?
26th June 2013 -- 18 Police stations are to close across Sussex over the next few years. Burgess Hill is among those named. Fear not though, the town won't lose a Police base altogether, you could be going to Tesco to report a crime under proposals from the police chiefs!
Present Company Burgess Hill
Present Company Set To Leave Burgess Hill Town Centre
23rd June 2013 -- The exodus of shops from the town centre is continuing as Present Company have announced that they are to leave the Martlets in search of bigger premises elsewhere.
Time 4 u Burgess Hill
Time's Up! More Town Centre Shops Close
21st June 2013 -- More bad news for Burgess Hill Town Centre as the two more shops have closed down, leaving an even bigger hole in our town centre. Find out which shops are the latest to bite the dust in our report.
Waitrose Cafe free coffee burgess hill
Waitrose Set To Spark Coffee Shop Wars?
20th June 2013 -- Waitrose have applied to have a café in their soon-to-be-expanding store. They'll be offering hot drinks for a price that the others will not be able to match! Read on to find out the price of unbeatable cuppas.....
Co-Operative Funeral Care
New Business Is Just What The Doctor Ordered For Burgess Hill
17th June 2013 -- When a large number of shops are closing in the town it's good to discover that a new company has the faith to come to Burgess Hill. It's just what every dying town centre needs...
Filming Council Meetings
Councillors Beware – You’re About To Be Filmed!
17th June 2013 -- The rules of engagement have changed. Some councillors will be feeling VERY uneasy for what is about to come. Find out why Burgess Hill Uncovered now have the opportunity to report council meetings like never before!
Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath Merger
Burgess Hill And Haywards Heath Merger Draws Closer
13th June 2013 -- Mid Sussex District Council have approved 101 new houses sited on Rocky Lane. Take a look at our map to see just how much closer the two towns are to merging as the strategic gap gets gobbled up!
town centre footfall
Unelected Mayor's Town Centre Footfall Increase EXPOSED!
12th June 2013 -- The Unelected Mayor of Burgess Hill thought he could pull the wool over the eyes of the public by making a claim that the town centre is thriving under the new partnership. Dig a little deeper and his claims are bogus. Find out why in our report.
triangle roundabout burgess hill
Vandalised! Tress Hacked To Bits On Triangle Roundabout
11th June 2013 -- Of all the things to do in Burgess Hill, some people decided to venture onto the roundabout at the Triangle leisure centre and hack the trees to bits. BHU have photos of this simply horrific attack *strong stomach required*
burgess hill public toilets
New Toilet Locks Ensure We Can Take A Tinkle In Privacy!
10h June 2013 -- It’s only taken a year of moaning, but FINALLY Mid Sussex District Council have fitted a new style of lock on the doors of the public toilets at the Martlets. We have photos of these fancy new locks for you to salivate over.
Judy Parfitt Burgess Hill
Actress Judy Parfitt Opens Mabel's Magnificent Emporium
9th June 2013 -- Judy Parfitt from BBC's 'Call the Midwife' came to Burgess Hill on Saturday to officially open Mabels Magnificent Emporium. See the pictures and find out what she had to say after she'd cut the ribbon.
Used Needle Burgess Hill
Child Pricked By Used Needle In Public Toilets
6th June 2013 -- A 6-year-old boy was exposed to the dangers of using the public toilets when he was pricked by a used needle at the Martlets. Read on for more details.
Enchanted Sussex
Enchanted Sussex Says Goodbye To Burgess Hill Town Centre
3rd June 2013 -- Once again it’s bad news for Burgess Hill Town Centre as yet another business has closed its doors for the final time. Shops seem to be closing quicker than you can say “Town Centre Partnership”
Bugress Hill Outdoor Exercise Equipment
Burgess Hill Outdoor Gyms - The Good And The Bad
19th May 2013 -- There's been a new outdoor gym installed at the Worlds End Recreaction Ground this week. It's rather fabulous. However, all it's done is reinforce what a poor job was done in St Johns Park. We contrast and compare the two and consider what happens next.
Gerzoo Burgess Hill
Gerzoo Gone!
15th May 2013 -- The increasing competition between establishments selling coffee has resulted in the town centre's first casualy as Gerzoo Coffee have fallen.
2013 West Sussex County Council Election Results
WSCC Elections 2013: The Results!
3rd May 2013 -- The votes have been counted, the results are in. Did BHU's Scott McCarthy win a seat on West Sussex County Council for the Hassocks and Victoria Division or did UKIP take the election by storm and wipe out everyone? Find out in our report.
Burgess Hill Scott McCarthy
WSCC Elections 2013: BHU's Scott McCarthy - Independent Video
30th April 2013 -- Burgess Hill Uncovered's Scott McCarthy has entered the election race, standing in the Hassocks and Victoria Division. Check out his election video to see why you should clearly vote for him above all other candidates on May 2nd!!!
West Sussex County Council Election Candidates
WSCC Elections 2013: County Council Election Candidates Announced
8th April 2013 -- 16 candidates have been named to fight for the three seats on West Sussex County Council for the Burgess Hill and Hassocks region. Can anyone stop Andrew Barrett-Miles from becoming a triple-hatted councillor?
Burgess Hill Gas Holder
Burgess Hill's Legendary Gas Holder Set For Demolition
15th April 2013 -- It's been threatening to happen for a number of years, but now it seems like the beloved gas tower on Leylands Road is on borrowed time as a planning application has officially gone in for its demolition.
Burgess Hill Youth Competition
£100 Up For Grabs In Burgess Hill Boys Club Rebranding Competition
1st April 2013 -- Burgess Hill Boys Club have a new name. They now need a new logo and a new name for their youth club evenings. If you're under 20 years-old then you can enter the competition and bag up to £100 in gift vouchers. Get the crayons out!
Burgess Hill Gordon Gorilla
Gordon Gorilla 'Sells Out' Ands Goes Corporate At Easter Event
30th March 2013 -- Finally! A local business saw the marketing clout of Gordon the Gorilla and snapped him up to make a personal appearance over the Easter weekend in Burgess Hill Town Centre. Where did he go? Who did he meet? What trouble did he cause? Find out!
Burgess Hill Potholes
Outrage! Burgess Hill Suffers From Pothole Crisis
27th March 2013 -- Come and watch a horror video and look at some frightening pictures of potholes in Burgess Hill as the situation keeps getting worse and worse. Just what are West Sussex County Council doing? Their temporary repairs are failing!
Mid Sussex Battle Of The Bands Final
2013 Battle Of The Bands Result Sends Crowd Clucking Mad!
3rd March 2013 -- Seven young bands competed in the final of the Mid Sussex Battle of the Bands competition at the Martlets Hall in Burgess Hill. We have a full report featuring photos, video and audio recordings of the performances. Find out who won now!
Burgess Hill Traveller Site
District Council To Fight For Control Of Traveller Site
27th February 2013 -- The District council have a fight on their hands to pretent the buyer of the Traveller site from using it for their own purposes and making many people homeless. This is one HUGE mess, it could get costly....
Burgess Hill Battle Of The Bands
RESULT: 2013 Mid-Sussex Battle Of The Bands - Burgess Hill Heat
23rd February 2013 -- Four places in the Mid Sussex Battle of the Bands final were up for grabs in the heat at the Martlets Hall. Burgess Hill. Which of the young bands qualified? Read our story to find out!
Burgess Hill Big Sleep Out
Burgess Hill Town Centre To Host 'Big Sleep Out' Charity Event
11th February 2013 -- Ever fancied sleeping rough for a night in a cardboard box? Well come Friday March 1st you can do exactly that in Burgess Hill town centre and raise money for charity at the same time! Read on to find out the details.
Burgess Hill Public Toilets
Council Speak On State Of Martlets Public Toilets
6th February 2013 -- Fed up with constantly broken locks at the Martlets' public toilets and with no sign of a resolution, Burgess Hill Uncovered turned into a diva during communications with Mid Sussex District Council. A response was gained. Find out what they said!
Wetherspoons Burgess Hill
JD Wetherspoon Given Green Light To Come To Burgess Hill
30th January 2013 -- Fed up with constantly broken locks at the Martlets' public toilets and with no sign of a resolution, Burgess Hill Uncovered turned into a diva during communications with Mid Sussex District Council. A response was gained. Find out what they said!
Denis Jones Burgess Hill Lib Dems
Denis Jones Quits The Lib Dems To Be An Independent Councillor
22nd January 2013 -- Denis Jones has finally quit the Liberal Democrats and is going it alone as an independent candidate. How long until he joins the Conservatives? Should Denis have to face re-election given that he's no longer a member of the paty with which he was elected?
Burgess Hill Igloos
School Boys' Igloo Gets A Celebrity Tennant!
21st January 2013 -- When the snow came to Burgess Hill, a group of Oakmeeds pupils decided to spend their weekend constructing an igloo. It was so impressive that a local celebrity decided to move in! Check out our video to find out who.
Book Den Burgess Hill District Lions Club
Burgess Hill District Lions' Urgent Book Appeal
16th January 2013 -- If you've gone digital, then you may no longer require your physical books. If so, then Burgess Hill District Lions would love for you to donate them to their shop. Read on to find out exactly how you can help benefit local community groups.
Apollo Lasertag Burgess Hill
Apollo Lasertag Centre Opens In Burgess Hill
3rd January 2013 -- If shooting people with harmless lasers is your idea of fun, then you are going to love Burgess Hill's latest entertainment facility! People both young and old can rejoice as we have something new to do in town - the game is Lasertag!

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