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Second Night Of Destruction In St Johns Park As More Trees and Flowers Are Destroyed

22nd September 2013
By Peter Chapman


It's at times like these that you're left just scratching your head wondering why people would choose to pull down and uproot trees, trample over flower beds and throw them around the park.
That's what happened on Saturday night in St Johns Park.

This comes 2 nights after a large tree was chopped down in the children's play area. (Read here)

Here's some pictures of the new damage...

The main casualty on Saturday night was this tree just outside the chidren's play area. The entire trunk has been split down the middle. It would have taken many people to snap it.

This young tree has been uprooted.

A branch has been snapped on another tree.

Plants from the well maintained flowerbed had been both trampled on, pulled up and scattered around the park.

This is the tree that was chopped down overnight on Thursday. The council have since removed the tree and flattened the stump.

It's very disheartening to know that there are people in our community that would do this. We should appreciate the trees and plants in our park, not destroy them.

Please share this story, maybe someone will come forward to shop the culprits

Got an opinion on this story? Leave a comment below.....
Do you know who caused all this damage? How does it make you feel seeing what's happened in St Johns Park? Should the council bother to repair the damage?

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