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The Burgess Hill Uncovered team have been producing internet videos since 2006. Orginally creating feature presentations, we've more recently started to make video to accompany our news reports.

We're always up for a challenge, so if you have a Burgess Hill related video idea, tell us about it!

dangerous scooter rider in burgess hill
Idiot Scooter Rider In Burgess Hill
13th April 2014
Balcombe Fracking Protest March
Christmas Lights Switch On 2013 With Peppa Pig & George
23rd November 2013
b&q official store opening
B&Q Official Store Opening in Burgess Hill
20th September 2013
burgess hill road diversion
West Sussex County Council's Worst Diversion EVER
6th September 2013
new oakmeeds school uniform
Gordon Gorilla Models New Oakmeeds Uniform
4th September 2013
peter andre in burgess hill
Peter Andre Visits Burgess Hill
1st August 2013
Balcombe Fracking Protest March
Balcombe Villagers March To Fracking Protest Site
3rd August 2013
Balcombe Villages Address Fracking Site
Balcombe Residents Address Fracking Protest Site
3rd August 2013
Burgess Hill Water Play Area
Burgess Hill Finally Get A Water Play Area
2nd July 2013
Burgess Hill Skate Jam 2013
Burgess Hill Skate Jam 2013 Highlights
9th June 2013
WBurgess Hill Potholes
The Worst Potholes In Burgess Hill
26th March 2013
Burgess Hill Harlem Shake
Burgess Hill Harlem Shake
12th March 2013
Gordon the Gorilla Igloo
Celebrity Moves Into Burgess Hill Igloo
20th January 2013
Gordon The Gorilla Skate Park
Gordon Gorilla Invades Burgess Hill Skate Park
29th November 2012
Coca Cola Christmas Truck Lorry
Gordon The Gorilla And The Coca Cola Truck In Burgess Hill
19th November 2012
burgess hill jubilee beacon
The Lighting Of The Burgess Hill Jubilee Beacon
20th June 2012
Burgess Hill Christmas Lights Cock-Up
Burgess Hill Christmas Lights Cock Up
8th December 2011
Chanctonbury Road Traffic Congestion
Burgess Hill Special Needs School Traffic Congestion!
21st February 2011
Derelict Building In Burgess Hill
Burgess Hill's Finest Building - NOT!
5th November 2010
Street 20 Cricket Burgess Hill
An Introduction To Street 20 Cricket In Burgess Hill
17th June 2010
sick ambulance in burgess hill
Sick Ambulance In Burgess Hill
14th April 2010
Burgess Hill - A Drive By
Burgess Hill - A Drive By
15th February 2008
Burgess Hill Pub Guide
Burgess Hill Pub Guide Part 3
26th July 2008
Burgess Hill Pub Guide Part 2
Burgess Hill Pub Guide Part 2
19th February 2008
Burgess Hill Pub Guide Part 1
Burgess Hill Pub Guide Part 1
5th November 2007
martlets public toilets guide
Martlets Public Toilets EXPOSED!
8th February 2008
Bedelands Farm Nature Reserve
A Guide To Bedelands Farm Nature Reserve
4th November 2007
South Downs Extreme Sledging
South Downs Extreme Sledging!
2nd April 2007
Is this the way to amarillo
Is This The Way To Amarillo? - Burgess Hill Version
11th March 2007
Dennis Rodman Brighton Bears
Dennis Rodman In Burgess Hill
24th January 2007
Burgess Hill Bonfire Night 2004
Burgess Hill Bonfire Night 2004
16th January 2007
Burgess Hill Bonfire Night 2003
Burgess Hill Bonfire Night 2003
16th January 2007
gordon the gorilla triangle roundabout
Gordon The Gorilla On Triangle Roundabout
9th August 2006
mid sussex elections

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