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Burgess Hill News Archive 2010

Burgess Hill isn't always the typical sleepy town, occasionally a gunman will rob the local Post Office or the District Council waste public money. You can be sure that Burgess Hill Uncovered won't shy away from adding a bit of character into our news reports as we tell it like it is.

Burgess Hill Special Needs School
Burgess Hill Special School APPROVED
West Sussex County Counci has finall confirmed the inevitable.
Mac-I Christmas Song Controlled Parking Zone Threat
Prepare to have to pay to park outside your own home as another stealth tax is proposed
Martlets Shopping Centre The Martlets Call For The Bulldozers?
New owners of the shopping precinct are vowing to make improvements. That means bulldozers?
Mac-I Christmas Song 2010 Christmas Music Video Revealed
The 7th McCarthy Industries festive song has been released, but which song was chosen?
Horrible Burgess Hill Shop Big Shop Of Horror
An empty retail unit in Burgess Hill is proving to be a real blot on the town's landscape.
Mid Sussex District Council money waste District Council waste £300k on dubious loan repayment
Mid Sussex District Council have been exposed.
Street 20 Cricket Street20 cricket comes to Burgess Hill
A new sporting concept has come to Burgess Hill and is free for all to play.
Tesco Expansion Tesco expansion to kill off shopping in Burgess Hill town centre?
Do we really need a bigger Tesco store?
Giant Snowman Giant Snowman erected in Burgess Hill
A fifteen foot high snowman is erected in order to raise money for a local charity.
Audio: District Councillor on BBC Sussex making bin collection excuses
Cllr Pru Moore with weak excuses.
Scout Hut Youths snow attack from Scout Hut roof
Youths climbed the Scout Hut in Royal George road to bombard cars and pedestrians with snow

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