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No Common Sense For Refuse Collection
14th January 2008
By Scott McCarthy

May I be so bold as to suggest that Mid Sussex District Council make it a priority in 2008 to look up the term common sense? This weeks Mid Sussex Times featured a barrage of abuse via an article and through the letters pages towards the council and our helpful refuge collectors, Serco, after they decided not to collect the excess waste that was created over the Christmas period

Wrapping paper from children, sock packaging from Fathers and a plethora of biscuit tins from the elderly naturally means that the amount of rubbish a household produces goes up. When this rubbish no longer fits in your wheelie bin, the sensible thing to do is leave it in a black bin liner to be taken away. Yet this rubbish was not taken away - it was simply gifted a yellow sticker to tell residents that because it was not in the wheelie bin, the refuge collectors had no obligation to take it - probably citing some daft health and safety ruling. In one instance, they even refused to empty a bin, as the inconsiderate owner had dared to fit more rubbish than he should have, and left the lid raised by a whole two inches

Due to the complete lack of thought on the part of the collectors and council, the streets of Mid Sussex became a haven for bin liner enthusiasts, as bag upon bag was left uncollected. It meant that residents then had to get into their cars and drive to the refuse tip to dispose of it themselves, thus increasing the amount of carbon being pumped into the air. For those unable to drive, it meant having to store the rubbish for another two weeks, until the next general rubbish collection

It is refreshing to see that, for a change, the taxpayer is getting a quality service in exchange for their hard-earned cash. What would be even more refreshing would be to see the council invest in a dictionary, look up the term common sense, and try to avoid any more ludicrous situations that could be averted with one brain cells worth of thought. Just an idea…

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