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Burgess Hill Street 20 Cricket

17th June 2010
By Peter Chapman

Exciting times in Burgess Hill. There's a new sporting concept called 'Street 20' available to play for FREE at Cyprus Road Car Park every Wednesday evening until the 18th of August.

This community sports project is a partnership between St Andrews Cricket Club, The Sussex Cricket Board and Burgess Hill Town Council.

There must also have been a printing mistake on the information leaflet as the Mid Sussex District Council logo is included. MSDC don't do FREE events.

Having only discovered about the event by chance via the Burgess Hill Town Council website, I decided to pop along to Cyprus Road Car Park to find out some more information from those running the show.

What is it?
Street 20 is an extremely short version of Cricket.
Each team consists of between 6-8 players. Teams have one innings each consisting of just 20 balls. The team with the highest score wins.
The matches last for approximately 20 minutes.

Members of the public are welcome to form teams of between 6-8 players and will be matched against similar opposition. You can form teams consisting soley of either children, teenagers or adults. Mixed generation teams are also embraced. Get your grandparents involved!
If you are unable to put together a team, but you'd like to play, the Street 20 organisers will happily team you up with other players on the night. There really is no excuse not to take part.

The Ground and Equipment
Street 20 cricket takes place at the top end of Cyprus Road car park.
It's a tarmaced area of approximately 40 square metres. There are barriers and fencing marking out the boundary.

The ball used is of the tennis variety, the bats are made of plastic. This means that players do not require any costly pads or guards. All you really need is a pair of trainers.

St Andrews Cricket Club sell drinks and snacks at the location.

Business Participation
From chatting to the organisers, I learnt that the 4:00pm - 5:30pm timeslot had been set aside for local Businesses to compete against each other. Unfortunately, as of yet, none have stepped forward. This is disappointing as there could be some interesting battles.
Tesco vs Waitrose, McDonalds vs KFC, they could turn out in their staff uniform with some sort of stipulation for each match to make things more exciting.

Exhibitors Welcome
Currently the only point of interest on the boundary is the refreshment stall.
The organisers informed me that anyone is welcome to come along and exhibit for free.
If you are a local community group looking to raise your profile, this may be an opportunity for you. Personally, I'd set up a podium with pretty ladies like they have at the County Ground in Hove. Each time a boundary is scored, they can do a little dance.

BHU's Experience
When I arrived at the car park at around 6pm, a match was currently in progress between some Oakmeeds pupils and a team of much younger boys. The lads from Oakmeeds sent the ball flying over the boundary on a regular occurance and scored around 60 runs from their twenty balls. In reply the youngsters only scraped together about 20 runs and were aided greatly by the bent umpire! A slightly different rule was adopted during the games where if the batsman cleared the boundary, you had to 'retire', essentially you were punished for being good!

There were a good number of people watching on, and those numbers were amazingly swelled further when bizarrely a coach carrying 40 French school children turned up to watch the action.

Further matches that took place included the Oakmeeds pupils vs St Andrews players, a mixed generations game, and Burgess Hill Town Council vs a team of random men. David Carden, the Town Clerk was a member of the town council team, what a prized scalp he will prove to be!

Team Burgess Hill Uncovered?
Having seen the game for myself, and with the carrot dangled of the town council having a team along with whispers of Mid Sussex District Council set to send along a team soon, it would be rude for Burgess Hill Uncovered not to enter the Street 20 arena. Defeating MSDC would be a very pleasurable experience.
I shall put in a call to Gordon the Gorilla to see if he fancies it.

Further Information
For further information on the rules, match times and to download the team registration form, visit the St Andrews Cricket Club Website

Note: It's currently not essential for casual teams/players to fill out a registration form, just turn up on a Wednesday evening.

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