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Poor excuses from local councillor as rubbish collections falter again.

15th January 2010
By Peter Chapman

On Tuesday I was asked to appear on the BBC Radio Sussex breakfast show to talk about the lack of bin collections in Burgess Hill.

Readers of the BHU Blog will know that our recycling bin hasn't been emptied since December 8th and the refuse since Decmeber 15. The point I raised with Neil Pringle on BBC Sussex was how during the 8 working days between each bout of snow, the bin men should have collected the rubbish for those that were missed out when collections were made impossibe due to the snow.

I did a good job of slating the council and one councillor in particular who was scandalously praising the bin men in the Mid Sussex Times. Later in the show, that very councillor made an appearance, armed with excuses. Here is that call from District Councillor Pru Moore.

So in the words of Pru Moore, those that didn't have their bins emptied were just unlucky!
It was funny to hear her talking about how the lorries can't make their way down the snow filled roads, totally avoiding the issue about the unlogical collection schedule when there were 8 working days with no snow. Pru claimed that only 10% of homes went without their bins being emptied. It's easy to pluck a figure from out of nowhere and expect people to believe you just becaue you are a councillor. I suspect that number was much nearer 25%. Damage limitation by Mrs Moore, the mouthpiece for MSDC these days it seems. She was the councillor claiming that the car parks in Mid Sussex had all been treated with white grit before the first downpour of snow before Christmas. That's the same car parks that were filled with snow for almost a week before the council bothered to clear it.

Mid Sussex District Council = Shambles.

Are you still waiting for your rubbish to be collected?
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