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Control Parking Zones Set For Burgess Hill
- A money making scheme for the council?

27th October 2010
By Peter Chapman

It's going to be like living in Brighton and Hove if West Sussex County and Mid Sussex District Councils get their way. Soon enough residents may have to pay as much as £120 a year to park outside their own homes.

Introducing controlled parking zones in Burgess Hill seemed a good idea at first, it would benefit Chanctonbury Road, a place where commuters like to leave their cars as they head to work. With WSCC looking to open a new special school in the grounds of Oakmeeds Community College, it's in their interest to have the the road serving the school as clear as possible.

What has now come to light is that WSCC are spreading the CPZ much futher afield than the roads closest to the town centre.

One example of this is Fairfield Road, situated west of the town centre. Many of the houses sited on this road do not have garages or driveways so on-street parking is the only option.

With examples like Fairfield Road, is it any wonder that some people are seeing the council's proposed actions as nothing more than a money making scheme?

In East Grinstead, residents pay an astonishing £40 for the first permit and £80 for the second.

By all means it makese sense for the council to stop commuters parking in residential roads and forcing them into local authority car parks, but why should residents living in the CPZ be hit so hard?

Why not charge £25 for the first car and £40 for the second? Better still, allow each home to have one free spot and £50 for an additional car?

Is the CPZ coming in to bolster the council's income because of cuts from central government?

If the price to park your car in a Burgess Hill car park was more reasonable then there probably wouldn't be so much off street parking.

Greed and a lack of logic from both West Sussex County Council and Mid Sussex District Council.

Currently there is a consultation process where residents can let the council know what they think of the proposals. I like to think of this as "You tell us, but we won't listen and just do as we planned anyway"

All is not lost however, look at what happened in Canton, South Wales where residents put a stop to the CPZ when they discovered that the council had inaccurately recorded from the consultation process that 66% of the public were in favour of CPZ.
A referendum was held and over 90% of the residents voted AGAINST controlled parking zones

Talk to us ---
Are the controlled parking zones a good idea? Are you a resident who will be affected by these proposals? Are the charges for permits which are being touted by WSCC fair? Could all problems be resolved with cheaper car parking charges?

Let us know your thoughts by emailing

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