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Burgess Hill Scout Hut

Youths hurl snowballs at motorists and pedestrians from scout hut roof

9th January 2010
By Peter Chapman

When snow has fallen, it's a chance for the youth's of Burgess Hill to show how they can behave responsibly whilst still having fun. Sadly on Thursday afternoon, a group of nine boys idea of having fun was to climb the scout hut in Royal George Road and proceed to hurl snowballs at cars and pedestrians. This snow was nearly 40 hours old and was no longer in it's soft powdery state. In such bitterly cold weather, it doesn't take much to crack a windscreen, and i'm sure we all know how much it hurts to be hit in the face with an icey snowball.

Due to my freezing wet feet, and need for a drink for the Weald pub, I couldn't be bothered to spend 5 minutes to go up close and take pictures of the young people, I would gladly have passed such pictures onto the police and the local secondary schools.

It's outrageous that they should be throwing snow at cars and people, let alone the fact that they have a total disregard for their own personal safety. The parents of these kids are probably the sort that would sue the owners of the scout hut for not making the perimeter of the building secure enough to keep people out if one of these young people had fallen through the roof.

It is possible that some damage has been done to the roof but it won't be discovered until the snow has cleared, i'm sure it's not designed to hold 9 people all at once.

When the youths finally made their way down from the scout hut, the made their way up towards London road and proceeded to throw a snowball at a gentleman on a bicycle.

Another blot on the reputation of young people. Well done lads.

The following is a very brief peice of video footage showing these youths on the roof of the scout hut.

Have any of you readers witnessed any anti-social behaviour by young people in the snowy conditions? Let us know by emailing news@burgesshilluncovered.co.uk

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