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Burgess Hill West Sussex County Council Elections May 2013

West Sussex County Council Results For The Burgess Hill Area - Conservatvies Win, The Others Didn't.

3rd May 2013

It was a clean sweep for the Conservatives in Burgess Hill and the whole of Mid Sussex as they now hold every Councty Council seat for our area.

In somewhat of a surprise. UKIP polled second place in all 12 Mid Sussex Divisions.
Labour saw their vote rise from 4 years ago. The Lib Dems have been wiped out.

Here are the results:

Burgess Hill Town

Burgess Hill East
Number of registered voters: 9082
Total votes cast: 2776
Turnout: 30.57%

Andrew Barrett-Miles
- Conservative
1,016 votes. 36%

Chris French - UKIP
709 votes. 26%

Roger Cartwright - Liberal Democrat
576 votes. 20%

Janet Smith - Labour
384 votes. 14%

Victoria Grimmett - Green Party
91 votes. 3%

Number of registered voters: 9503
Total votes cast: 3324
Turnout: 34.98%

Anne Jones - Conservative
1,127 votes. 34%

Kevin Walker - UKIP
847 votes. 25%

Sue Knight - Liberal Democrat
601 votes. 18%

Tony Balsdon - Labour
564 votes. 17%

Anne Eves - Green Party
185 votes. 6%
Victoria and Hassocks Pre-Election Address to BHU
Number of registered voters: 10124
Total votes cast: 3558
Turnout: 35.14%

Andy Petch - Conservative
1,464 votes. 41%

Ralph Wylam - UKIP
678 votes. 19%

Kristian Berggreen - Liberal Democrat
635 votes. 17%

Linda Taylor - Labour
383 votes. 11%

Victoria Standfast - Green Party
285 votes. 8%

Scott McCarthy
- Independent
113 votes. 3%
Burgess Hill Scott McCarthy
WSCC Elections 2013: BHU's Scott McCarthy - Independent Video

Burgess Hill Roger Cartwright
WSCC Elections 2013: Roger Cartwright shares his priorities

Burgess Hill Labour Party
WSCC Elections 2013: Labour Party Address BHU Readers

Burgess Hill Ukip
WSCC Elections 2013: Ukip Outline Their Intensions For Burgess Hill

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Were you surprised by the results? What do you think to UKIP finishing second place in every division? Anne Jones and Andrew Barrett-Miles are new triple-hatted councillors. Can they really put in enough hours of effort to do a good job for the town?

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