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Burgess Hill Uncovered love a bit of news whether big or small. We're rather good at sniffing out a story. However, we're greedy and always want more! So if you have a bit of news or gossip to share, then send us an email - news@burgesshilluncovered.co.uk or use our contact form

martlets shopping centre Burgess Hill
Martlets Shopping Centre Planning Application Finally Triggered
4th June - Demolition could take place in a matter of months
beehive burgess hill
Council Suggest Beehive Land On Cyprus Road Could Be Sold Off
8th May - Are the bees abandoning the hive?
councillor peter williams burgess hill town council
Council Come Under Scathing Criticism For Nature Reserve Proposal
28th April - The council leadership got hammered at the meeting.
batchelors farm nature reserve
Council To Consider Allowing Business Use On Local Nature Reserve
31st March - Residents are up in arms over the proposals!
richard cherry burgess hill town council
Burgess Hill Town Council Leader & His Wife QUIT
28th March - Two by-elections will be held following the departures of Richard and Christine Cherry
burgess hill town council
Town Council Show Lack Of Concern For Car Parking Charge Hike
8th March - Find out what your representatives said on the matter.
Mid Sussex Car Parking Charges
Evening & Sunday Car Parking Voted Through By Mid Sussex District Council
1st March - It makes no sense at all for Burgess Hill
Mid Sussex Car Parking Charges
Evening & Sunday Car Parking Charges Could Be Introduced By MSDC
5th February - This will go down like a lead balloon with residents
burgess hill town council
Town Council Abandon Huge Council Tax Rise
26th January - From a possibe rise of 15%, reduced down to 7.3% due to public pressure.
park centre burgess hill
Town Council Power Grab Attempt Delays Youth Club Return To Park Centre
29th October - WSCC have laid down the law to BHTC!!!
micropub burgess hill
MicroPub Set For Burgess Hill Town Centre
5th October - The former Yorkshire Building Society unit could about to be filled by a new place to drink!
lloyds bank burgess hill
Lloyds Bank To Quit Burgess Hill High Street
28th September - The long-standing bank have announced they're off in Febraury 2024
wilko burgess hill
Burgess Hill Branch Of Wilko To Close Permanently On October 5th
24th September - A massive blow for Burgess Hill Town Centre
brickworks taproom burgess hill
The 'Brickworks Taproom' is Proposed For The Victoria Industrial Estate
18th September - But is it suitable for the area?
st johns church clock burgess hill
Council Finally Agree To Refurbish St John's Church Clock
30th July - £25k+ is required for the much-needed refresh.
richard cherry burgess hill town council
Burgess Hill Town Council Silences Residents At Meeting
6th July - Locals are SHOCKED at the new behaviour of BHTC.
chanctonbury road allotments
Council Provide Update On Chanctonbury Allotment Site & Future Provision
1st June - 'This situation is fraught with difficulties'
mid sussex district council administration
Lib Dems Form Joint Minority Administration On Mid Sussex District Council
28th May - Find out who is doing what for the new term at MSDC.
burgess hill annual town meeting
Annual Town Meeting To Take Place At Burgess Hill Academy
22nd May - Come along with all your questions on Monday evening.
station road traffic lights burgess hill
Town Council To Investigate Controversial Place and Connectivity Scheme!
5th February - Have WSCC been compiiant in their works?
station road traffic lights burgess hill
New Traffic Light Chaos On Station Road
1st January - A monumental cock-up by MSDC and WSCC in Burgess Hill Town Centre
mims davies peter chapman ice skating rink
Free Synthetic Ice Rink At Martlets Hall Demolition Site
22nd November - MSDC are looking to boost footfall for three days in December.
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