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Burgess Hill Town Council To Consider Leasing Nature Reserve Land For Business Use

31st March 2024 | By Peter Chapman

Residents have been left stunned with the news that Burgess Hill Town Council are to consider a proposal to lease parts of Batchelors Farm Nature Reserve for business use.

The agenda for the meeting of the council's Customer Services Key Area Group - to be held on Thursday 4th April at 6:30pm - contains an agenda item titled 'Land Hire - Unlost Den Co'

The proposal is that the Town Council can make an income of around £2k per annum for each 5m x 5m plot that they may wish to lease to the Unlost Den Co.

A spot next to the community orchard near the Water Tower has been identified by the council as a possible site for a mobile office.

Toilet facilities would need to be provided on site by the council as there aren't any within a 5-minute walk of Batchelors Farm, and therefore doesn't meet the requirements set out by the Unlost Den Co.

The report doesn't mention anything about seeking the backing of the town's residents to commercialise their public nature reserve.

Inital comments on Facebook following the content of the meeting's agenda being shared on the platform has seen near unanimous opposition to the proposals.

A 'Reel' made by BHU on this topic has been viewed over 10k times and gained lots of comments. You can consume it here: https://www.facebook.com/reel/883631280181010

What will the council decide to do? We'll find out more on Thursday evening!

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