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fifa 16 burgess hill tescoWoman Buys Fifa 16 From Tesco Burgess Hill, Gets A Shock When She Opens The Box....

3nd October 2015
By Peter Chapman

'FIFA 16' is the latest game in the Fifa franchise that's been running since the release of 'FIFA International' in December 1993.

Emma Pannell of Hurstpierpoint went to the Burgess Hill branch of Tesco to pick up a copy of the new game for the xBox 360.

When she arrived home and opened the box, she was in for a surprise....

Fifa 12!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok ok, so there was no big drama in the end, but it's funny to think of the face on the person in Emma's household who unsealed the packaging, opened the box to find a copy of Fifa 12 and not Fifa 16.

The big question of course though is, how on earth did this happen? We would ask Sepp Blatter for a comment, but he's rather busy with the Swiss authorities at the moment!

Spread the word, there's been another FIfa Scandal,

Got an opinion on this story? Leave a comment below.....
Who do you blame for this latest scandal? Have you ever had a wrong disc in a sealed box?

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