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Update – Council Speak On State Of Martlets Public Toilets

Martlets Public Toilets Burgess HillA few weeks ago, Mr BHU sent a  ‘don’t you know what website I’m from email to Mid Sussex District Council regarding the broken locks on the doors of the Martlets public toilets

Previously the council had been contacted via their website  contact form and by telephone. Both times to pass on the complaints of many local residents, totally sick to death with the situation. Unfortunately, a resolution was never reached. It didn’t seem to be getting through to them that heavy-duty locks were needed.

On this occasion, Cllr Anne Jones and Cllr Kathleen Dumbovic were copied in on the email so that MSDC would see that the councillors had been told too.

Cllr Anne Jones was swift to reply saying it was a bad situation and it would be looked at.

Martlets Toilets Burgess Hill

A week later, a  phone call was received from David Harper – Business Unit Leader for Waste and Outdoor Services.

He was a nice chap and thanked Mr BHU for making contact about the toilets. He said there is a serious case of repeated vandalism happening at these toilets and that the police are involved.

David said that one of the toilets has been fitted with a prototype lock that is stronger than the ones currently being used.  If successful, this type of lock could be fitted on all the doors.

Residents are encouraged to report the broken locks to the council.

Finally, Mr Harper revealed that Burgess Hill still has the grand total of just ONE business signed up to the community toilet scheme – but that the council hope to have more businesses signed up soon.  They were hoping to get more in May 2012. Nine months later and it still stands at one. Another Publicity Pru Moore failure!

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  1. Whi business is it that has signed up to the scheme?

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