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Compulsory Water Meters To Cause Household Finances To Spring A Leak

5th October 2011

Right now across Mid-Sussex, South East Water are carrying out the compulsory installation of Water Meters in households.

The Environment Agency has classed the South East as being an area of serious water stress and thus legalisation says that South East Water are allowed to put the entire area onto a measured water billing system. You'll be charged for every drop you use.

You can read more about South East Water's plans via their friendly makingeverydropcount.co.uk/ website. They claim that households with meters fitted use 10% less water than those that aren't. However, will using less water actually save you money on your current water bill?

Calculate your potential new bill now!
You can find out how much you may have to pay for your water bill via the online
South East Water Customer Water Bill Calculator.

We've carried out some rough calculations and come up with the following sample bills:

Single Person Household - £311.37
Dual Person Household - £471.52
4 Person Household - £723.52

Based on a fixed bill charge of £563.13 (prices will vary based on your property) you can see that only those living in households with a few occupants or less stand to benefit from having a water meter installed.

If you're a couple with children, then I'm afraid that you are likely to get stung.

Little Jimmy won't be very happy when you can't afford to buy him a Nintendo 3DS for Christmas thanks to South East Water.

It's bad enough that fuel bills have soared in cost, how you have to pay £1.36 for a litre of unleaded at the pumps. Now an extra charge for your water consumption as well! If you have a family, your belts will have been tightened so much that you'll be cutting off your circulation!

Forgive me for thinking that South East Water are envious of the fuel companies and are installing water meters so that they can steal from the public too.

Talk to us - Are you happy to be getting a Water Meter?
Were you aware that your water bill could go up by a large amount? If you've used the calculator, how much is your new water bill likely to be? Is it fair for water meters to be compulsory? Leave us a comment below or you can email us here

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