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Council vehicles leave mud trail on residential roads?

05th March 2011
By Peter Chapman

Having heard that there had been some chopping of trees in an area of the Oakmeeds Community College field where the new special needs school is due to be built, we took a trip to the site to see just what had been done.

Whilst it was sad to see such fine trees chopped to bits, what caught our eye the most was the state of the public footpath and the residential roads. They were covered in mud from very large tyre tracks. If it were to rain, this mud (which was rather thick in places) would cause all sorts of health and safety issues.

Here's the evidence:

On Page 7 of the WSCC 084 10 BH Decision Notice from 6th December 2010.
It is clearly stated:

Now, if the mud on the road is from a vehicle involved in any
work to do with the special school development, then I do believe that the agreement has been broken.

Will West Sussex County Council be punishing themselves?

Comment ---
Do any local residents know the nature of the work carried out on the land which resulted in the footpath and the Chanctonbury Road cul-de-sac being covered in mud?

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