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Spectacular Views of Burgess Hill In New Drone Video

The critics were harsh on DanTube after he published his first video featuring footage of Burgess Hill from his drone back in June.  Six weeks  have passed and Dan is back with a new video, showing that he’s come a long way with his piloting skills…..

Burgess Hill Drone Flights (Extended)

Here are some great still frames grabbed from the video…

Church Walk, possibly on a Saturday afternoon. Who can tell these days?

The stone garden looks STUNNING from the air. Can you see the egg?

Burgess Hill Boys Club and the dog walking enclosure.

The Weald Public House and some newsagents on Royal George Road

The childen’s park at Fairfield recreaction ground. Can you see the huge demand for the exercise equipment? No, we can’t either.

Hello Tesco.

Who knew that a footpath ran along Jane Murray Way?

A bit of St John’s park.

The cricket pavilion with the public toilets on the left.

St Johns Church, the floodlights funded by our taxes are doing their job well…

Lidl and the rear entrance to the Martlets Shopping centre. How much longer will it remain? Decades most likely given the speed of redevelopment ‘negotiations’.

Wow, where is this?

Genuinely, where is this? Comment below if you know….

5 Responses to “Spectacular Views of Burgess Hill In New Drone Video”

  1. The mysterious picture is out on the Burgess Hill Green Cirular – looks like it’s around the Porche Centre?

  2. Bottom picture: On the other side of the A2300 opposite cae on the green circle path .

  3. Julie Forster on August 5th, 2015 at 9:50 pm

    It’s further along the footpath you pointed out (Burgess Hill green circle route) at the side of Jane Murray Way. The building in the distance is a stables on Malthouse Lane.

  4. Let me know when you actually post some spectacular views.

  5. Fed-Up Resident on August 28th, 2015 at 2:59 pm

    Did the Germans bomb Burgess Hill flat in WW2 because these pictures of the Towns reconstruction says they did !

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