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didnt vote in referendum Poll: What Was Your Reason For Not Voting In The Burgess Hill Neghbourhood Plan Referendum?

11th December 2015

It came as no surprise when the announcement was made just after midnight that the 'Yes' vote triumphed in the Burgess Hill Neighbourhood plan referendum.

85% of voters approved the plan created by the town council....but not 85% of the town's registered voters.

People were surprised that only 21% of the registered voters exercised their democratic right.
(Your author predicted 14% turnout with a 79% YES victory if you're wondering)

So why did so few people vote?
Confusion, time of year, the rain, not caring about the town, Yes vote a forgone conclusion, and totally fed up with the council are some of the reasons being given and suggested by our readers,

Vote in our poll
We're interested to know which one of the following choices best matches your reason for not voting in Thursday's referendum. Your votes are anonymous...


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How do you feel that only 21% of registered voters chose to exercise their democratic right? Do you thing we have a lack of people living here that don't care enough about Burgess Hill?

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