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keymer tiles housing development District Council Planning Officers Recommend Approval For Latest Keymer Tiles Site Plans

2nd June 2015
By Peter Chapman

With the window still open for members of public to submit comments over the Keymer Tiles application, Mid Sussex District Council's planning officers have already moved to recommend approval for the development plan.

Needless to say this has not gone down well with the members of the Keymer Tiles Action Group.

The reserved matters plan is actually quite significant as Croudcace Homes have turned everything on its head, so much so that some think the developer should submit a fresh new application.

What's Changed?
In the outline plan, main access to the site was to be via Kings Way, with the access road to be constructed before the first brick was layed. The extremely narrow residential roads of Curf Way and Wyvern Way were to provide only secondary access to the site during stage three of the 450 home proposals.

However, Croudace have changed their plans completely. They now wish to build houses at the other end of the site first, with Wyvern and Curf Way being the only access roads.

Residents will tell you that these roads are not wide enough and will not cope with all the extra traffic. Cants Lane will also come under stress.

The submitted traffic survey carried out is now invalid as it was taking Kings Way in consideration as the main access, yet MSDC aren't calling for a new one. Why?

The narrow road on Wyvern Way, soon to recieve a huge increase in vehicle movements

All Very Convenient
Due to the switching of phases, the Keymer TIles site won't see any community buildings or other facilities coming for many years as building under 126 homes save the developer from the contributions at this stage. The first phase is for 125 homes. Convenient.

What's also convenient is that all this is happening at the very first meeting of the MSDC district planning committee after the May elections.

Meeting Date
The MSDC District Planning Committee are meeting at 14:00 on Thursday 11th June at the district council chambers to discuss the application.

Further Information
You can read the full report of the MSDC planning officers here...

There's a Keymer Tiles Works Residents Action Group that you can contact for further information: keymertiles.actiongroup@outlook.com or join their Facebook group here: http://bit.ly/kt-rag

The clay pits where the first two phases of homes were to be built before the developer changed their mind.

Spread the word, the MSDC planning officers have recommended approval for the Keymer Tiles site

Got an opinion on this story? Leave a comment below.....
How do you feel about the planning officers recommending approval for the Keymer Tiles site? Is it right that they can pass judgement before the deadline has closed for comments from the public?

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