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ve day burgess hill beacon lighting VE Day 70th Anniversary Beacon Lighting Fails To Ignite Local Interest

10th May 2015

On Friday evening, a beacon lighting event was held in St Johns Park to mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day.

In a town of over 30,000 residents, sadly only around 100 people turned out to witness the event.

Here's a video of the lighting of the beacon carried out by Anne Jones:

Photos: Harvey Baker took the following photos for BHU...

Event marshalls made us aware that the low attendance was down to the poor advertising of the event by Burgess Hill Town Council.

Facebook Backlash
People on the BHU Facebook page were not amused that they'd missed out in paying their respects.

Louise Hawkins wrote: I didn't see a single sign anywhere and I am out every day with our dogs and we walk all over the place so I doubt very much I would have missed the signs. Shame on those who were supposed to sort out the advertising for this event. Due to their sheer incompetence many people who would have liked to attend were denied the opportunity to show our respect.

It's a shame that the most effective communication channel was not utlised by Burgess Hill Town Council.
It's almost like BHU have been blacklisted by a staff member at BHTC for no good reason. That person really is clueless. The public are missing out due to the council administration's pettiness.

Maybe new town clerk Steve Cridland can sort it all out.....

Make people aware of the V.E Day Beacon lighting that took place in town..

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Did you know about the V.E Day Beacon lighting? If you attended, what did you think of it?

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