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sussex police logo Public Opinion Divided As The Top House Pub Is Renamed 'Burgess Hill Inn'

1st July 2015
By Peter Chapman

The Top House pub has been renamed the Burgess Hill Inn following a new management team taking over the business.

This public house has seemingly been open and then closed numerous times over the past few years with various people running the establishment.

The 'Burgess Hill Inn' with it's tagline of 'Town and Country Dining' could be just the shot in the arm that the pub needed, but not everyone is happy with the change.

Here's a selection of comments from members of the public following a post we made on our Facebook Page earlier in the week:

Ian Wordsworth I just hope it's more than a name change and becomes a place worth visiting again rather than the dump it has become over the past few years.
Mike Mundy Will always be known as the Top House, irrespective of what they label it.
Tracey Collis It'll always be the Top House I don't see the point in changing a name of an established pub
George Morley Will always be The Toppy, just like Jacobs Post is still the Hogshead
Tracey Randell Why change a name that most locals have grown up with? The name doesn't make a decent pub it's the heart inside it that counts so Top House for me, sorry x Great pub though
Ashley Venditto Maybe the name change is to promote a new image and have a fresh start?? Don't knock it until you have tried it! Wishing them the very best of luck. It looks like it will be lovely and a good family pub in town with a nice garden can only be a good thing.
Martyn Painter Looks good and I wish it the pub great success in the future...I'm still a 'Railway Boy' though
Lorna Crabbe I am crossing everything that this will be a nice, pleasant pub and eatery in Burgess Hill that I actually want to go to. All the very best to them. I've been saying for years that place would make a fab gastro pub.

Here's how the Top House looked before the rebrand:

On Tuesday evening the signs had been stripped, ready for the new name.

On Wednesday lunchtime, the installation of the new signage was well under way:

Spread the word that the Top House has a new name!

Got an opinion on this story? Leave a comment below.....
So what do you think of the name change? Is this going to be a new start of the pub? Will you give it another look?

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