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burgess hill fairtrade robert egglestonEye-Watering Cost To Clean Publicly Owned Church Clock

3th November 2015
By Peter Chapman

An unnamed warden of St John's Church in Burgess Hill wants the church clock to be restored and cleaned. Burgess Hill town councillors are meeting this week to decide whether to carry out the request or not.

Why is it for the town council to decide? Ah yes, well you see, WE the people own it.

BHU asked some members of the public how much they thought such work would cost. These guesses ranged from £2k- £8k.

Ladies and gentlemen, the quote to restore and clean the clock is.....

£17,970 plus VAT

Burgess Hill Customer Services Key Area Group

Members are advised that a request has been made by a warden of St John’s Church to restore and clean the four faces of the Church Clock.

The clock , located on the St John’s Church spire , was bought by public subscription for £200 to mark Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887 and the Town Council is responsible for the maintenance of this asset and insures it against damage.

This is a very specialised area of work and we have received a quote of £17,970 plus VAT to undertake the removal and restoration of the dials.

The relevant key area group will be meeting on Wednesday evening to decide whether to go ahead with the proposed works or not.

Here's how the public's money tree (american!) is currently looking....

Should Burgess Hill Town Council approve the restoration and cleaning of the St John's church clock? Vote below....

Spread the word, the church want their clock cleaned and restored and it's going to cost around £23k of public money to do it!

Got an opinion on this story? Leave a comment below.....
Do you think the church clock should be restored and cleaned? Could the best part of £23k be better spent elsewhere?

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