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nicholas soames mid sussex Nicholas Soames Wins 2015 Mid Sussex Parliamentary Seat Election

8th May 2015

As sure as night follows day, Nicholas Soames will always win in Mid Sussex.

The seat is one of the safest in the country and this was proved once again when the result was announced at 7am.

Soames received 56.6% of the vote with Labour in second place with 13.9% and UKIP third with 12%.

The Full Result
Mid Sussex Parliamentary Candidates   Votes %
Nicholas Soames Conservative Party 32,268 56.1
Greg Mountain Labour Party 7,982 13.9
Toby Brothers UKIP 6,898 12.0
Daisy Cooper Liberal Democrats 6,604 11.5
Miranda Diboll Green Party 2,453 4.3
Beki Adam Independent 958 1.7
Baron Von Thunderclap Monster Raving Loony Party 329 0.6

Turnout 72.3%

mid sussex 2015 election

How many 'like's for Soames winning in Mid-Sussex?

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How do you feel about Nicholas Soames winning in Mid Sussex yet again?

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