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burgess hill town councilGamestar Announce The Closure Of Their Burgess Hill Branch

15th April 2016
by Peter Chapman

Sad news for fans of Gamestar in Burgess Hill Town Centre, for they have announced that they are to leave town at the end of the month.

GameStar currently reside in Church Walk in one of the shop units which will be combined into a larger unit as part of the big Martlets redevelopment.

Just like their neighbours Cafe Nazar - who closed for good at the end of March - Gamestar have also been unable to find suitable alternative premises in the town centre.

burgess hill town council

Writing on their Facebook page, Gamestar said:

We have decided to close our store because the original lease has ended. Although we have an option to continue operating on a "rolling" basis, this cannot remain our permanent home due to upcoming development work in the town centre.

We have chosen not to relocate to new premises in Burgess Hill because we haven't found anywhere suitable and we are concerned about the impact the development will have on trade over the next few years. Other shops are closing or have closed and we have observed a significant decrease in "passing" trade.

We are very sad to be closing and will miss our Customers and coming to work here. We would like to thank everyone who has shopped with us and supported us during our time here. Our Burgess Hill Staff will relocate to our other shops.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/gamestarburgesshill/posts/857806021014675?fref=nf

Over the past year, I've become friendly with the GameStar Staff and they are a great bunch. They let me use their office and their WiFi if i'm working on a news piece in the area. Cheers guys!

We'd often discuss the town centre, and for a while now they had been saying how dead their end of town had become, so sadly it's no surprise that they've reached the decision to leave Burgess Hill.

The bottom of Church Walk is a problem, with footfall seemingly now limited to people walking into town from direction of St Johns Park. Even with the upcoming redevelopment, it's unlikely to make much of an impact to this particular area. Will the other remaining business survive before the redevelopment?

Farewell to Rob, Terry and Paul, enjoy Brighton and Hove.

Spread the word. Gamestar are closing and leaving town.

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