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Gordon The Gorilla

During his time in Burgess Hill, Gordon has managed to cause trouble and chaos wherever he goes. Burgess Hill Uncovered track Gordon's activities and capture what he gets up to on camera.

Gorilla at Oakmeeds School Burgess Hill Oakmeeds School
The Gorilla makes his first ever appearance in Burgess Hill and manages to entertain teachers, pupils and parents at the Burgess Hill school
  Gorilla at St Johns Park Burgess Hill St Johns Park
Gordon takes a trip to St Johns park and scales the statue of stability, it looked like something taken straight out of the King Kong movie!
Burgess Hill fairfield recreation ground childrens park The Fairfield Rec children's park
Gorilla Gorilla visits the children's park at Fairfield Rec. He has fun trying out the various has some fun on the many thrilling children's amusements
  Gorilla at St Pauls School Burgess Hill St Pauls School building site
Whilst on an assignment to get the latest pictures from the St Pauls construction site, the BHU webteam bumped into the Gorilla.
Burgess Hill Gorilla America Gordon the Gorilla in America!
Burgess Hill's biggest celebrity sought a break from the public eye, so he hopped on a plane and jetted across the pond to the U.S.A
  Burgess Hill Gorilla Sky Sports The County ground, Hove,
Sussex Vs Durham

The Gorilla attends the County Ground to watch a cricket match, gets in a fight with a shark and makes a television appearance!

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