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Gordon The Gorilla

Biography - The Story of Gordon The Gorilla

Gordon the Gorilla was born into captivity at Drusilla's Zoo on May 21st 1998.
His life was easy, a large caring family, regular meals, and a play area full of ropes and tyres for exercise.
However, the hundreds of screaming children banging on the glass walls of his enclosure became a bit too much for little Gordon. He thought to himself that there must be more to life than this, so he made the decision to break out and experience the free world.

Gordon was first spotted in Burgess Hill on April 9th 2004. Pupils of Oakmeeds Community College were heading to Austria on a Ski trip, Gordon emerged from the bushes and chased the coaches up the school drive and onto the main road. Gordon then turned his attention to the members of the public, they were terrified, you don't expect to see a gorilla on the loose, especially not in Burgess Hill.

In May, Gordon was found at the St Paul's building site, there was evidence to suggest that he has been living in the underpass between the college and the Triangle leisure centre. Unfortunately, whilst out exploring the local area, the council came and sealed the underpass shut, leaving Gordon homeless.

June saw Gordon appear at the County Ground in Hove. During a televised game between Sussex and Durham, Gordon was shown live on Sky Sports attacking a spectator. He also got to meet Sid the Shark, the Sussex mascot.

In September, Gordon was papped by the Leader newspaper in a double page spread. This exposure gained him instant celebrity status in the town.

A few weeks later, and Gordon was the star attraction in the annual Burgess Hill Bonfire Night procession.

Evidently, this new celebrity status was all too much to take for our favourite gorilla, as in October he was found in Orlando, Florida. During his time across the pond, Gordon visited Sea World, Jurassic Park. He got into a spot of bother with the X-Men, and stayed with the Grinch in his cave.

Since his trip to America, Gordon has not yet been seen back in Burgess Hill, will he ever return? We'll all just have to wait and see!

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