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Gordon The Gorilla

Gorilla gains exposure in local newspaper!

Thursday September 16th 2004 marked the best ever edition of the Mid Sussex Leader.
The reason - Gordon the Gorilla reached the pinnacle of local fame!

Here's how it came about
On the 8th of September, the BHU office received an email from Leader Reporter Lewis Hannam. He revealed he's a big fan of the Gorilla and wanted to feature him in the paper. We were wary that this could be a joke, or a trap, we emailed back the office phone number with no real expectations that we'd ever hear from anyone. 2 days later the phone rang, it was Lewis, he really was whom he said. A phone interview took place and arrangements were made to meet Gordon the Gorilla in order for a photo shoot to take place.
Gordon was extremely well behaved and was a natural in front of the camera!

A double page spread on pages 12 and 13, and with 4 pictures shown, it was beyond our wildest dreams!
Some people have to wait years for coverage in a local newspaper and it's usually for such achivements of their house burning down, for being beaten up in St Johns Park, or for being a member of a crappy dance school, but Gordon is different, he's such a popular figure in the local community that the media came to him!

Thanks to Gordon, Burgess Hill Uncovered recieved free advertising in the newspaper and a wonderfully long interview to boot!

What now for Gordon?
There have been rumors of a world tour, even news of him starring in a music video, but one thing's for sure, the media spotlight is sure to be following Gordon closely with whatever he chooses to do in the future!

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