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Gordon The Gorilla

Random Sightings
Members of the public play their part in helping us keep track of Gordon by sending in their pictures if they spot him out and about. Without them, we'd never have known that he is fond of Vodka.

If you have some photos of the Gorilla, or wish to tell us that you have spotted him,
then please contact us:

The Gorilla has gained entry to the Southway Junior school playing fields, a child is running for his life!
Gordon gives the youngster a good pasting. Wearing a dreadful Leeds shirt must have spurred him on!
In order to keep fit, Gordon went to yet another park to have some fun on the monkey bars.
The poor minor has fallen into the legendary snake filled sand pit, Gordon prepares to go in for the kill....
Before he left the area, the Gorilla inscribed the initials of his favourite website into the sand, what good taste!
Living in Burgess Hill is taking its toll on poor old Gordon, he was found drinking from a Vodka bottle.

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