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Gordon The Gorilla

Gordon the Gorilla Video Footage
Our team of investigators have worked very hard in tracking Gordon over the years, mangaing to capture Burgess Hill's favourite beast on camera many times. Gordon has appeared in a Burgess Hill music video and live on Sky Sports!
We are always on the look out for Gordon and will bring you more footage when he finally resurfaces.

Coach chase part 1
Length: 30 secs
Size: 383kb
Description: Gordon chases a coach full of Oakmeeds school pupils
  Coach chase part 2
Length: 27secs
Size: 341kb
Description: The chase continues out onto the main road.
Burgess Hill fairfield recreation ground childrens park Gordon on a zip line
Length: 8 secs
Size: 104kb
Description: Gordon has a go on a zip line in a children's park
  Gordon zip line attack
Length: 9 secs
Size: 104kb
Description: Gordon isn't too happy when its someone elses turn.
Gordon on Sky Sports
Length: 8 secs
Size: 228kb
Description: Gordon appears live on Sky Sports attacking a spectator.
  Directing Traffic
Length: 39 secs
Size: 493kb
Description: Gordon helps direct motorists to the Triangle leisure centre.

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