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Burgess Hill Town Sign

Burgess Hill Uncovered Features

This section is chocked full of exciting content that can't find a home anywhere else. If you like to follow the adventures of gordon the gorilla, silly pictures, videos and are looking for the red rope pyramid climb challenge, then the features section is for you!
Weekly Instagram Gallery
burgess hill instagram photos A weekly gallery of the best Burgess Hill-related photos and videos posted to Instagram, as selected by BHU.
Construction Photos
Burgess Hill constrution photos
A collection of photos and video charting the various developments taking place in Burgess Hill.
Gordon The Gorilla
Burgess Hill Gorilla A whole mini-site dedicated to the antics of Gorilla Gorilla. Quite possibily the biggest celebrity in Burgess Hill!
Burgess Hill Videos
Burgess Hill Uncovered Videos Youtube
All the videos created by Burgess Hill Uncovered, some funny, some informative, others just rather weird!

Where Am I?
Where Am I Game A game where people guess 'Where Am I?' from looking at obscured photos posted on the Burgess Hill Uncovered Facebook page.
Red Rope Pyramid Challenge
Red Rope Pyramid Challenge
The Red Rope Pyramid is an iconic part of St Johns Park. It's also rather fun to climb. We've set up a challenge to see who can climb it the quickest!

Amusing Images
Burgess Hill Amusing Images
Pictures of the stone egg in Church Walk, only made to look very different!

Burgess Hill Christmas Lights
Burgess Hill Christmas Lights
Residents of Burgess Hill have gone Christmas light crazy! Take a look at our ever-growing collection of photos featuring some of the best homes in town.
Statue Prank
St Johns Park Statue Prank In one of the greatest pranks in Burgess Hill history, the statue of stability in St Johns park was a victim. Don't miss out on this story!
Gypsy Watch
travellers and gypsies in  Burgess Hill
Travellers like to visit Burgess Hill for a holiday. They are such lovely guests, causing no disruption whatsoever! Enjoy these photos of them!

Burgess Hill Features
Amusing Images
Burgess Hill Christmas Lights
Construction Photos
Gordon The Gorilla
Gypsy Watch
Red Rope Pyramid Challenge
Statue Prank!
Where Am I? Game

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