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Amusing Images
Burgess Hill Into The Future
Gordon The Gorilla
Gypsy Watch
Missing Pets
Mystery Door
Red Rope Pyramid Challenge
Snow Fun
Statue Prank
Where Am I? Game
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Burgess Hill Uncovered Features
This section is chocked full of exciting content that can't find a home anywhere else.
If you like gypsies, gorillas, illegally parked cars and silly pictures, then the features section is for you!
Burgess Hill Into The Future
Burgess Hill into the Future Burgess Hill as we know it is about to change forever!
But what exactly is going to be changing? The BHU webteam slowly dip their toes into the cloudy waters of this mysterious subject.
Burgess Hill Gorilla
Burgess Hill Gorilla A whole mini-site dedicated to the antics of Gorilla Gorilla. Quite possibily the biggest celebrity in Burgess Hill!
Burgess Hill Christmas Lights
Burgess Hill Christmas Lights Residents of Burgess Hill have gone Christmas light crazy! Take a look at our ever-growing collection of photos featuring some of the best homes in town
The 'Where Am I?' Game
Where Am I Game A game where players win points by guessing 'Where Am I?' from looking at obscured photos posted on the Burgess Hill Uncovered Facebook page.
Missing Pets
Burgess Hill Missing Pets Lost Animals A page for people to publish photos and details of their missing pets.
Could you be a hero and reunite an animal with its owner?
Red Rope Pyramid Challenge
Red Rope Pyramid Challenge The Red Rope Pyramid is an iconic part of St Johns Park. It's also rather fun to climb. So much so that we've set up a challenge to see who can climb it the quickest!
Burgess Hill On YouTube
Burgess Hill Videos Youtube For those of you that are not sad enough to type your towns name into the YouTube search box, we bring to your attention the best Burgess Hill related videos on YouTube.
The Statue Prank
St Johns Park Statue Prank In one of the greatest pranks in Burgess Hill history, the statue of stability in St Johns park was a victim. Don't miss out on this story!
Amusing Images
Amusing images Just as the title says, lots of images to make you smile, Various top artists have contributed to this section including Mr Ali Magness.
Escape from Burgess Hill Something for the people who don't like living in Burgess Hill!
The Mystery Door
Mystery Door A Door near the trianlge leisure centre that is shrouded in Mystery.
Some very brave members of the Burgess Hill Uncovered web team went to investigate!
Snow Fun
Snow Fun on the Sussex South Downs Glorious snowfall in Sussex
(but not Burgess Hill) resulted in some of the towns residents venturing to near-by Clayton to have fun by Jack and Jill windmills

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