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Burgess Hill Uncovered >> Features >> Statue Of Stability Prank

The Burgess Hill Statue of Stability Prank

Imagine the excitment in the Burgess Hill Uncovered office on Thursday afternoon when we were e-mailed a series of pictures from a member of the public.

The informant who we will call BOB, said he was walking through St Johns park late at night on March 31st (2004) when he noticed the statue of stability looking rather colourful.

Bob, who is a keen bird watcher, had a camera with him and took some snaps of the statue. He then went back the following morning to get some pictures in a better light!

We very much appreciate BOB supplying us with photos of this great discovery.
Who could the cluprits have been, some bored teenagers? old age pensioners? or was it a carefully planned prank to coincide with April fools day by a group of people who like to entertain the Burgess Hill public?
That night....
Lovely pink toilet paper is wrapped around the statue. Someone must have climbed to the top of the statue in order to knot it around the top pillar. You can see where the toilet roll has snapped and has been knotted back together again!
The Next Morning....
The toilet paper was still covering the statue, but the overnight dew had turned it soggy and had broken it into pieces.


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