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The Burgess Hill Uncovered
Red Rope Pyramid Climb Challenge

In a bid to tackle the rising levels of obesity, Burgess Hill Uncovered have come up with a physical challenge to help burn off some of that excess fat! All you need to do is get yourself down to St Johns Park with a video camera and a stopwatch and you're all set to compete.

Video Demonstation:
Watch the video of the our latest contender Joe Blissett, in order to understand how to partake in the challenge...

The Rules :
  1. Start on the edge of the bouncy tarmac.
  2. You must climb to the top of the pyramid and touch the very top of the pole.
  3. Climb back down, ensuring your foot touches the lowest horizonal rope before you hit the ground
  4. The clock stops when you step off the bouncy tarmac square
  5. Upload your attempt to YouTube and send us the link to webmaster@burgesshilluncovered.co.uk
Note: This challenge is for fun. Please act responsibly and tackle the pyramid with care. You participate at your own risk. If you are under 18 years of age, we advise that you inform a parent or guardian that you plan to take on the challenge.

Videos of the challengers:
Jesus Christ
Scott McCarthy
Jake Fearnside
joe blissett
Mr Unicorn
Chris French


POS Name Time
1st Chris French 00:16.50
2nd Jake Fearnside 00:22.52
3rd Joe Blissett 00:25:50
4th Scott McCarthy 00:43.89
5th Mr Unicorn 00:58.70
6th Jesus Christ 01:19.77

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