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burgess hill instagram photosBurgess Hill Instagram Gallery

Unless you've been living under a rock for a good few years, then you should know all about Instagram and that many youngsters (and some grown-ups) favour this social platform over Facebook. Maybe because posting a picture is easier than writing something of substance? And let's not forget it's all about getting those hearts people! They need the validation.

Anyway, we thought it would be nice to start up a gallery featuring the best Burgess Hill-related pictures posted over the past week.

Even BHU are on Instagram. Our username is 'BurgessHillUncovered' (https://instagram.com/burgesshilluncovered/)

Get Featured
If you'd like your pictures featured, ensure to add the hashtag #burgesshill and/or #burgesshilluncovered so that we can find your fine pieces of imagery

Autumns here... ?????? #autumn #october #burgesshill

A photo posted by Samantha Tasmin Dolton (@samdolton) on

This is what happens when we go away for a couple of days #bigkid #climbing #bf #pole #sun #burgesshill

A photo posted by Katie (@katiecollins_x) on

A bit of fun up the driving range ?? #burgesshill #golfskills

A photo posted by @clarecamero on

The Burgess Hill Town Council offices came under attack today #burgesshilluncovered #burgesshill #sorrynotsorry

A video posted by Mr BHU (@burgesshilluncovered) on

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Talk to us - What makes a good instagram photo? Got a favourite filter? How many likes does your selfie need to avoid you deleting it? Want to link us to one of your photos? Comment below....


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