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Gordon The Gorilla

Gordon Gorilla visits the County Ground, Hove.
On Wednesday June 30th 2004, A group of six went to the Country Ground in Hove to watch Sussex Sharks vs Durham Dynamos in a 45 overs per side Day/Night cricket match.
The game was going out live on Sky Sports
so the group took along crazy blue and white hats and an England flag, little did they know that a certain beast would be their ticket to television stardom!

Some sexy women from St John's ambulance take a breather from treating drunken teenagers, but wait, who's that on the left!
The Gorilla finds a friend in the form of Sussex mascot Sid the Shark
The Gorilla somehow managed to find his way to the county ground, and he has some new clothing too, sporting last seasons shirt and a BHA jacket!
The pleasantries soon ended as the two engaged in a brawl much to the entertainment of the crowd.
The Gorilla has a great record in raffles, so he tried his luck at the country ground, although on this day, he was to go home empty handed

Burgess Hill Gorilla Sky Sports

Exclusive Video Footage of the Gorilla on Sky Sports

Gordon the Gorilla was captured live on Sky Sports attacking a poor innocent spectator. Now you can see this shocking piece of violence.

Gordon Gorilla live on Sky Sports
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