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Gordon The Gorilla

Gordon Gorilla Invades Oakmeeds School
On the Friday April 9th 2004 at 2:15pm, Families and friends were seeing off the 3 coach loads of Oakmeeds students who were heading off on a skiing trip to Austria. As the coaches were making their way up the school drive a Gorilla (wearing an Oakmeeds jumper) appeared from some bushes and began to stalk the coaches and chase them along station road.
The Gorilla confronted members of the public and jumped out in front of some cars. Although very shaken, we can happily report that there were no casualties at this time.

The Gorilla makes his entrance from the bush!
The hairy beast ran up to the camera man, intrigued with what he was holding.
This poor youngster was innocently making his way up the drive when he recieved the shock of his life.
The Diamond coach is too quick for the furry one!
This Silver car drove away at high speed after being confronted by the Gorilla.
The Gorilla paused for one last glance at the camera before heading off in the direction of St Johns park

Exclusive Video Footage of the Gorilla
A member of the public managed to catch the beast on video.
We present to you two 30 second clips of what went down.

Gorilla Coach Chase 01 (382kb)
Gorilla Coach Chase 02 (341kb)
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