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Gordon The Gorilla

Gordon Gorilla visits St Pauls School Development Site
On the Sunday May 9th 2004, Members of the Burgess Hill Uncovered webteam were out at the building site of the New St Pauls School, taking pictures for Burgess Hill Uncovered's section on the building process.
Lurking in the area was the world famous Burgess Hill Gorilla.
Since we last saw him, he'd blatently raided one of the Salvation Army clothing skips and is wearing an extremely fashionable Miami Dolphins Football shirt.

We first found the Gorilla outside the mystery door.
He seemed a little frustrated.
The Gorilla is distaught, his first ever home and the Council evict him!
He moves on and follows us across to the St Pauls site, the sign doesn't say anything about Gorillas not playing on the building site!
He decided to make himself useful.
Pointing to the left for the Triangle..........
We began to panic when the Gorilla saw the sign pointing to Haywards Heath. If he could read, he would have left Burgess Hill in a shot!
Now, all normal Gorillas are good at climbing, a 10ft high fence shouldn't cause a problem.
He comes away from the site very sad that he couldn't get to play. In the background you can see a very nosey family have pulled up to see the progress of St Pauls. They obviously haven't seen the pictures on this website, it could have saved them a trip.
He then began frantically banging on the door, reminiscent of the end scene on the Flintstones.
But fear not, the Gorilla has brains and uses this brick to try and smash the padlock open.
In the public eye once again, the Gorilla stand by this sign on the side of the road, sure to be seen by the motorists
and right for the St Pauls site, how lucky the motorists are to have such a hero around!
The Gorilla decides he wants to go and have a play on the building site, if we were Gorillas, we would want to swing on the scaffolding as well!
but the Burgess Hill Gorilla isn't normal, he falls to the ground, and is in a world of hurt!
Now, we don't know what Dursillas Zoo made the Gorilla do when in captivity, but he ran onto the
round-a-bout and started to do stretching excercises followed by directing traffic.
He'll get hurt one of these days.

Exclusive Video Footage of the Gorilla
We have footage of Gordon directing the traffic at the Triangle leisure centre.

Gordon Gorilla directing traffic (492kb)
We advise you to right-click this link and choose 'save target as'

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