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Gordon The Gorilla

Gordon Gorilla visits St Johns Park
On the Thursday April 15th 2004, Members of Burgess Hill Uncovered were enjoying a gentle stroll though St Johns park when they heard lots of screams, they were screams of terror and fear, the screams of mothers in fear of their children's safety, Oh yes people, the Gorilla had come out to play.

The Gorilla's first victim with this silly individual who was wearing an old mans hat.
The BHU webteam gave chase and the Gorilla made for higher ground.
On a side note, it's good to see the council found the time to clear up the pink toilet paper from the statue following April Fools day.
A little later a group member needed to make use of the shoddy public toilet facilities. Inside the cubicle, we discovered a certain someone.
He tried to hide in this very stunning, tropical tree.
He then frightened the life out of this group of semi-goths.
The Gorilla was taunting us from high on top the legendary statue of stability.
After a 30 minute stand off, the Gorilla became restless, we feared he may dive on top of us, so we got bored of waiting and retreated.
The Gorilla is very well trained by Drusillas Zoo, he ensured he washed his hands before running away again!
After enough excitement for one day, the Gorilla waited for a bus to take him away, back to his hideout perhaps? We didn't try to stop him, we quite enjoyed the pursuit!

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