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Even More Old White Males Added To Burgess Hill Performance Venue Committee

10th April 2018
By Peter Chapman

Having failed to get public approval for a £9.5 million loan to pay for a new performance and arts venue in Burgess Hill Town Centre, the group's steering committee has undergone a reboot.

The answer? Adding another 2 males over the age of sixty years old to go along with all the other old white males hand-picked by Cllrs Andrew Barrett-Miles and Richard Cherry.

As reported last year, the Conservative councillors hand-picked their friends to be the public representatives on the steering committee, each one being a white male over the age of 50.

The original committee was branded as 'an absolute disgrace' by members of the public, with many wanting to know what can be done to ensure better representation from across the full spectrum of people living in Burgess Hill. The council's resolution by adding even more white males over the age of sixty is a big sick joke.

Update: We learnt at the annual town meeting on Wednesday 11th April that a female, senior in age, has been added to the steering committee to represent the public. We cannot confirm nor deny that this lady is in a relationship with an existing member of the committee..... Another box ticked by the Conservative councillors, but still no one under the age of 40 on the committee.

Cllrs Richard Cherry and Andrew Barrett-Miles are responsible for who sits on the steering committee. Why do they appear to have an issue selecting young people and ensuring that it represents the full diversity of those living in the town?

Meeting in secret .... AGAIN!
The council have said they were keen to work with anyone going forward who can see a future in the town having a new arts and performance venue. Their latest meeting took place last night (Monday 9th April) and was held in PRIVATE. That's funny, as this is a community project, right?

Spread the word, the steering committee for a new performance and arts venue have added two more white males over the age of sixty to add to all the other old white males....

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What do you think of the Conservative Councillors adding more white males over the age of sixty onto their steering committee?

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