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bright fmBright FM To Get A New Name In Company-Wide Rebrand

6th April 2016
by Peter Chapman

Local radio station Bright FM is to be renamed 'More Radio' as Media Media Sound Holdings re-brands all four of its Sussex radio stations which also includes , Arrow FM, Sovereign FM and Splash FM. However, is it a move that will see the end of our 'local' radio station?

Speaking to Radio Today, Group Managing Director Allan Moulds said:
“It was clear from our research that our listeners wanted More of the music they love, More local news, More local traffic and travel, More listener interaction and More fun competitions. Indeed it’s so clear that our listeners wanted ‘more of what they love’ that we have decided to go a lot further and give our stations a fresh new name ‘More Radio.

“The key USP of our stations is their localness and our commitment to the towns we serve remains our number one priority. The move to a common name will fit better with our multi-media strategy and provide a range of additional benefits”.

Bright FM serves Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and Lewes on 106.4 and 106.8FM and commenced full time broadcasting in 2001.

Not many people are aware that Bright FM moved out of Burgess Hill many years ago and is actually broadcast from studios in Worthing along with Media Sounds' other southern radio stations.

Radio commentators are concerned that this announcement is just smoke and mirrors and that by amalgamating all four stations into one name that the local identity is being lost.

Warren wrote:
So a full strategic review has come to the conclusion people want exactly the same as every other homogenised second rate no-longer-local radio station in existence. Let me assure you this is not what the people want.

Don’t get me wrong, people would like more great (and diverse) music. They would like good local news, and more listener participation. But you do not and will not provide that and a tacky new name doesn’t hide the smoke and mirrors of marketing bluff and gross insincerity.

All these amalgamated stations were once their own entities which got their licences to provide truly local stations for local audiences. Each had their own programming which varied in quality, but offered some level of differentiation and diversity. Calling a station meant for local audiences something so pious and unfocused just serves to prove this point.

More will continue the slide for sameness, lack of plurality and listeners will continue to turn off. This station should be called More of the Same, Do the Owners Think We’re Stupid?

Spread the word! Bright FM is changing its name.

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