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colin tayor oakmeeds community collegeBREAKING NEWS - Colin Taylor Resigns As Head Of Oakmeeds Community College

4th March 2016
by Peter Chapman

Colin Taylor, Headmaster at Oakmeeds Community College, has announced that he's to step down from the post on March 31st, the day before the college converts into an academy under Brighton University.

In a letter sent to parents today, he wrote:

Dear parent/carer

Negotiations are in the final stages regarding the conversion of Oakmeeds to academy status. The target date remains as 1st April 2016.

Mr David Fry, Chair of Governors, has been fully aware that it was always my intention to lead Oakmeeds towards the academy conversion point and then make a decision about my own future.

Whilst the continuation of my role at Oakmeeds with the University of Brighton Academies Trust was an option, it is one I have decided not to choose. I will therefore be resigning with effect from 31st March 2016 , and moving on from my post as Headteacher at Oakmeeds and share my experience to help and support other schools as well as pursue new opportunities within the world of education.

I had hoped to have made this announcement before now but needed to wait until there was greater confidence and clarity over the conversion date.

Since September 2000 I have enjoyed every day during my headship at Oakmeeds. It has been a pleasure to get to know your sons and daughters and see them grow from new wide - eyed Year 7 students to mature Year 11 leavers ready for their next s teps in education or for entering the world of work. It has also been a delight to hear of their subsequent successes. I will take many good memories with me.

Colin Taylor

The departure of Colin Taylor is long overdue for many. His legacy had been tarnished in recent years due to shockingly poor exam results which saw less than 50% achieve the 5 A-C benchmark.

As a result, Ofsted placed the school in special measures after uncovering major failings across the board.

Members of the local community called for the head's resignation, pointing out that had it been a private business, he'd have instantly received his P45. The sentiment was that failure is not acceptable in business, so why should it be OK with a child's education?

With Taylor now leaving Oakmeeds, it'll be a completely fresh start under the University of Brighton Academies Trust.

It remains to be seen if David Fry will be able to continue his questionable legacy as Head of the Governors come April 1st.

Spread the word. Colin Taylor is leaving Oakmeeds!

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