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burgess hill toilet guide logoBurgess Hill Uncovered Public Toilet Guide

Sometimes you just can't control when your body needs to get rid of excess fluid.
If this happens whilst you are in the town centre, then you'll need to know which toilets are best to relieve yourself. Burgess Hill Uncovered brings you an exclusive guide to the toilets in the town.

martlets public toilets
The Market Place Shopping Centre
St Johns Park
Worlds End
The Martlets
Cyprus Road
Public Toilet News

Burgess Hill Public Toilet Video
YouTube Video Exposes Burgess Hill Public Toilets
20th February 2008 -- Burgess Hill Uncovered made a video highlighting just how bad the Martlets public toilets were. The video received over 5,000 views and a big feature in the Brighton Argus newspaper with Gordon the Gorilla!

community toilet scheme
District Council Introduce Community Toilet Scheme
16th November 2011 -- Mid Sussex District Council are closing public toilets across the district as a cost cutting measure. Don't worry though, for they are offering local businesses cash in return for letting the public use their toilets. Read our report to find out more.

community toilet scheme
District Council Deluded Over Community Toilet Scheme Uptake
14th May 2012 -- Mid Sussex District Council's Community Toilet Scheme was announced six months ago. Last week they put out a press release reporting on how businesses have been embracing it. Ever heard the phrase 'Flogging a dead horse?' Read our report!

Jonathan Ash-Edwards Twitter
District Councillor Makes A Twit Of Himself On Twitter
16th May 2012 -- Mid Sussex District Council Cabinet Member Jonathan Ash-Edwards bit off more than he could chew on Twitter during an exchange with a local Burgess Hill resident over the issue of public toilets. Read now to see the entire Twitter exchange!

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