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burgess hill toilet guide logoBurgess Hill Uncovered Public Toilet Guide
Cyprus Road

After coming under fire from a Burgess Hill resident in the Leader Newspaper,
Burgess Hill Uncovered made the Cyprus Road Toilets the next on our review list.
We were under the impression that the toilets were closed until the broken window is fixed, but we had a pleasant surprise when we discovered they were open! Although when we went inside, we wished they were closed! (Now Closed)

Here is the broken window that forced the toilets to close for a long period of time, as you can see, the left pane of glass has been boarded up.   This steel bike rack was most impressive and a bonus feature for public toilets, in case people don't realise that it's a bicycle rack, it has been written on the floor for you!
A traditional stainless steel urinal, about half the length of the toilets found next to Burgess Hill library. During out time in the toilet block, the washing system never executed.   The floor was very damp and thoughts rush through your head that it's not just water on the floor, the BHU team disinfected the bottom of their shoes before stepping foot back into the office!
Shockingly the glass is broken on the inside and it is sharp, this is undoubtably a very serious health and safety issue, there is no excuse for the Council not to put a board up on the inside as well.   The toilet block has 2 cubicles, the bolts on both doors are in good working order, so you don't have to fear another member of the public bursting in on you when having a poo!
The walls were disgustingly dirty and neither of the 2 cubicles had a toilet seat fitted onto the bowl. Wilkinson sell plastic ones for under £5! What on Earth is our Council tax being spent on?   The classic toilet chain is in use for when you flush away any deposits that you may make, we suggest you wrap some toilet tissue around your hand before flushing, otherwise you may contract a disease,
Speaking of toilet tissue, the holder comes in the form of a water pipe, all you have to do is wedge the box of toilet tissue in the gap! A great way of the Council saving money.   The many holes in the wall where previous toilet tissue holders have been mounted. How long until a new one is fitted? Never.
This stainless steel 3-in-1 hand cleansing system looks to be rather new, so new infact that they are yet to put any soap in it.   The wire meshing of this bin could do with a lick of paint. This bin certainly is an added bonus, seeing that no paper towls are on offer to warrant needing a bin!
A secret door lies within, to find out what's inside, take a screwdiver to the bolt mount! The intelligence of the Council knows no boundaries!    
Summing Up
The Good
The cycle rack outside.
The bin is an added bonus.
  The Bad
Where to start! lack of working soap button, flooded floor, no toilet seats, no toilet tissue holder, disgusting dirty walls, a broken window which isn't boarded up on the inside let alone fixed!
In a word to sum up the toilets - CRAP
Final Rating: 2 out of 10 Toilet Rolls

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