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burgess hill toilet guide logoBurgess Hill Uncovered Public Toilet Guide
Worlds End

Located at the World's End recreation ground on Janes Lane, home of the mighty Marle Place Wanderers, the public toilets that are situated here are often forgotten by the public, I'm sure many residents of Burgess Hill didn't even realise that they exist, let alone use them! Once again Burgess Hill Uncovered were brave enough to go where very few dare.

Here we see the entrance to the toilet block.
You will see that it is of similar build to the one found in St Johns Park.
To the left are doors for the ladies and disabled toilets. Notice the metal hand rail and the concrete ramp for accessability reasons.
A wooden partition seperates the entrance to the mens toilets from the rest. It this to save men from having to look at the opposite sex?
On entering the mens block, we are confronted with four cracked titles on the lower corner of a wall, the edges are rough and sharp enough to cut somebody's leg.
Classic stainless steel, all-in-one hand cleanser
There is only one solitary urinal in the block. It's in need of a very good scrub with the water from the dirty pipe discoluring the bowl
We were reacquainted with an old friend, in the form of the all-in-one stainless steal hand washing facility.
Looking at the centre of the urinal made us feel physically sick. It's decorated with two pieces of chewing gum and some disgusting thick brown substance. Either a man with short thick curly hair is balding, or that's pubic hair around the edge.
We almost had a heart attack when using the hand washing machine; notice the bubbles in the water? That's because we found a machine whose soap button actually dispensed soap!
Classic stainless steel, all-in-one hand cleanser
We noticed that the wiring above the urinal was very different to anything we had seen in the other public toilets. Valuing our lives, we did not touch the exposed wire.
Here's a sight that you don't see often, a toilet with a seat!
We're on a roll here! A metal wall mounted toilet paper dispenser, complete with toilet paper.
And what a lovely bonus, a spare pack of toilet paper tossed on the floor, just incase the pack in the holder runs out before the block is next cleaned.

A huge cause for concern is the lack of a bolt on the cubicle door. Strangely someone has gone to the trouble of filling in the bolt mount holes, but surely a new bolt is what is needed?

Decorating the door is some very rude graffiti.
It even has a date from when it was written. From when this report was made, that makes it two months and eight days old, how many young children have been subjected to the explicit text in this period? All it takes is a few strokes with a paintbrush to cover it up, but even this seems beyond the council.

Summing Up
The Good
The toilet bowl had a lovely plastic toilet seat.
The metal toilet paper dispenser was attached to the wall.
Spare toilet paper.
The hand washing machine actually dispensed soap!
  The Bad
Dangerously cracked tiles on the corner of a wall that could cause a nasty injury.
The disgustingly dirty urinal.
Unique electical wiring above the urinal.
No bolt on the door to the toilet cubicle, thus causing extreme lack of privacy.
The extremely explicit graffiti that adorns the cubicle door, and the fact that it is over two months old.
Final Rating: 3 out of 10 Toilet Rolls

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