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District Council Praise Their Failing Community Toilet Scheme

14th May 2012
By Peter Chapman

Do you remember the Community Toilet Scheme that the district council were trying to introduce last year? If not, have a read here: burgesshilluncovered.blogspot.co.uk/community-toilet-scheme

poppins cafe burgess hillThe Scheme's Progress:
In the six months since the scheme began, a massive TWO businesses have signed up; Costa Coffee in Haywards Heath and Poppins Cafe/Restaurant in Burgess Hill.

Here's what Pru Moore - Cabinet member for leisure and sustainability had to say...
“It’s great to see local businesses are embracing this Community Toilet Scheme because it has the potential to benefit everyone involved,” she said. “Local shops are able to increase the number of people visiting their premises, giving them the potential to increase revenue and the public has a greater choice and standard of toilet facilities.”

So that's the great choice of closing the Cyprus Road toilet block and replacing it with a toilet or two in a local cafe. Somehow greater means less in council language.

Clearly businesses are not interested in a 'small annual payment' in turn for allowing the public to use their toilets. It's been six months, if they thought it was a good idea they'd have signed up by now.

pru mooreThe Council Are Taking Us For Fools:
Mid-Sussex District Council, Pru Moore and the person paid to write the press release are taking us for a bunch of fools. They must think we are too thick to realise that their scheme is failing and its highly insulting that they would put a posititve spin on it. As always, Publicity Pru had to be in the spotlight, a photo was attached with the press release showing her holding a branded costa coffee mug in Haywards Heath. How many mugs can you spot in the photo?

Even the Mid Sussex Times have questioned the success of the scheme and they rarely write a bad thing about the council. What does that tell you?!

What the council need to do:
Quite simply, stop insulting our intelligence and do what so many candidates in the recent Meeds North By-Election called for in their election literature - Reopen the Cyprus Road public toilets.

cyprus road toiletsCouncillors should know their role:
Just a reminder here readers. We elect people onto the council to serve us. If we want the public toilets reopened and not have to put up with having to vist a local business to use the toilet, then they should be reopened NOW!

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Do you think Pru Moore is wrong to say the scheme has been embraced by local busineses? Why do you think it hasn't proved popular? Would you like to see the Cyprus Road toilets given a bit of a clean and reopened?

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