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burgess hill toilet guide logoBurgess Hill Uncovered Public Toilet Guide
St Johns Park

This is a review of the public toilets in the lovely area known as St Johns Park.
This area is home to the Burgess Hill Cricket Club, The Skate park, underaged drinking and violent attacks! You could say this is the crown jewell of the Burgess Hill tourist board!

There are 2 womens, 2 mens and 1 disabled cubicle available to the public. The doors are green to match the colour of grass. The black railings are there to stop Rhinos charging the doors down.
Shock Horror! The toilet seat has been snapped off and was missing from the cubicle. Only a fat person is able to fill the big hole. Whoever maintains the toilets has lazily placed the toilet tissue sheets at the back of the bowl. Terrible.
A lovely sign is on the wall telling you the opening times of the toilets. Surely when a worker closes the toilets they'd see that the seat was missing.
A phone number is available for you to phone and complain. We may just use it!
These cubicles have no form of drainage on the floor, therefore someone could easily flood it by weeing too much.

Built into the wall is a tall stainless steel three-in-one complete hand clensing machine, it both wets, soaps and drys your hands!
No soap was evident when we tested it. Tut tut.

A wonderful, stainless steel tissue paper dispenser is attached to the wall. Why go to so much expense if the workers are just going to dump the toilet tissue on the toilet bowl?

Summing Up
The Good
These toilets are in a better central location, rather than at the oppostie end of the park away from the swings like the old toilet block used to be.
Individual cubicles save you from having homosexual men stare at you.
  The Bad
Just like the toilets by Burgess Hill Library, the soap didn't seem to appear from the machine.
The Lazy workers dumping toilet tissue box on the bowl and not inside the stainless steel dispenser.
The missing toilet seat is unforgivable.
Cubicles rather too small for a parent to help a tiny child go for a poo or wee.
Final Rating: 4 out of 10 Toilet Rolls

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