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District Councillor Made To Look A Twit On Twitter

16th May 2012
By Peter Chapman

Hot on the heels of the District Council's press release celebrating the (failed) community toilet scheme, Cabinet Member for Finance and Service Delivery Jonathan Ash-Edwards bit off more than he could chew when Burgess Hill resident Chris French questioned him about the public toilet situation....

Jonathan Ash-Edwards just got OWNED. Councillors 0 – 1 People!!!

You can tell he was well on the ropes when his final retort was this.......

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Ha ha ha ha! Where did that come from?

A tip for young Jonathan - Underestimate the public at your peril. You're another example of someone at the District Council thinking they can treat the people like idiots, but some of us know more than you think. Perhaps you should keep away from indulging in exchanges on Twitter as you are making yourself look a complete TWIT.

Here's what Chris French had to say :

Jonathan Ash-Edwards is the 24 year old Conservative Mid Sussex District Council Cabinet Member for Finance and Service Delivery. I replied to one of Jonathan’s tweets about him having lots to do, by suggesting he could start by providing a decent level of public toilet provision. Public toilets have been cut from 27 in 2004 to just 11 in 2012.

With a rapidly growing population in Mid Sussex of 132,500 currently, this equates to one public toilet for every 12,000 people! I also criticised MSDC’s “Community Toilet Scheme” (CTS), highlighting it’s self-evident failure in attracting just 2 shops in the whole of Mid Sussex. However, Jonathan appears to be in a state of denial of its failure, by putting a positive spin on the issue and saying “the whole point of the CTS is to provide more”.

Jonathan then goes on to claim, that for example, to return to the 2004 level of maintaining 27 public toilets, would cost £3m pa. This equates to £111k per toilet per year! I find that an amazing figure. How is it calculated?

In the meantime, I have a cost saving solution for Jonathan, how about my wife and I take over the maintenance contract for these 27 public toilets for just £1m pa and thereby save council tax payers a notional £2m pa!“

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Should Jonathan Ash-Edwards refrain from making an idiot of himself on Twitter?
What do you make of his laughable claim that it would cost £3 million pounds a year to maintain 27 toilets? Why do councillors think its O.K to take us all for fools?

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