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burgess hill toilet guide logoBurgess Hill Uncovered Public Toilet Guide
The Market Place Shopping Centre

Located at the World's End recreation ground on Janes Lane, home of the mighty Marle Place Wanderers, the public toilets that are situated here are often forgotten by the public, I'm sure many residents of Burgess Hill didn't even realise that they exist, let alone use them! Once again Burgess Hill Uncovered were brave enough to go where very few dare.

A lovey wooden door greets you as you enter the toilets.
The main walkway of the toilets, as you can see it's all rather white and looks rather classy.
There are two toilet cubicles, each have tiled floors and tiled walls, they were rather clean when we visited. Both toilet seats were present.
On closer inspection, the toilet bowl we looked in hadn't been flushed, although the bowl was clean from all poo stains.
Classic stainless steel, all-in-one hand cleanser
The standards get even better with both cubicles boasting rather nice toilet roll holders, the big bonus is that they are attached to the wall and both contain toilet paper!
Nice clean chrome toilet handles are the fixture of choice for these toilets, this is apposed to the chain mechanism that can be found in other toilets in the town.
Shockingly, there is a hole in the partition between the two cubicles, it's at the height where you can see the other person doing his 'business'
Thankfully someone has had the brains to plug the hole with toilet paper!
Lovely clean ceramic urinals are hidden around a corner so that you can have a wee without being seen by people using the sink area. The urinals were very clean and no sign of any stray hairs.
Classic stainless steel, all-in-one hand cleanser
A big bit of pulling power that these toilets posess is it's 'mood lighting' with some funky halogen lightbulbs which create some wonderful colours on the wall and also cast a green/blue light throughout the whole block.
Here is a close-up shot of the tiles at the top of the wall, you can clearly see the pretty colours which the bulb creates.
This ceramic sink sits nicely into a white worktop with green tiles used for the splash back. The worktop was spotlessly clean on our visit. It's a great example for the good standards of hygiene to be found.
Each sink has it's own stylish soap dispenser, the plastic is transparent so you can actually see how much soap is left! Being a male toilet, the use of pink liquid soap is a little inappropriate.
A huge mirror spans the length of the sink area.
The mirror was incredibly clean and smear free.
Pictured is a member of staff who can help with all aspects of your toileting needs..
The hand dryers are made out of plastic, most common models at least have stainless steel where the hot air is blown out. Cost cutting by the marketplace?
The white and green tiles colour theme is ruined by this cheap plastic blue bin, with Wilkinson a few yards away, they could have got their hands on a green one!
Health and Safety alert!
Without the faceplate we can't tell what this box is all about. However.we do know that it's got to be breaking some laws, a child could put their hands within the wiring and get fried!

The walls also contain some plastic paneling, on these panels are poster frames where people can advertise.
Perhaps this is something BHU should look into doing?

Someone has drawn graffiti with a red marker pen on some of the walls, and the mirror!
With children at school during the majority of the toilet opening hours, Old age pensioners are most likely to be the culprits.

Summing Up
The Good
Nice décor,
Very clean.
Wonderful lighting.
Good quality fixtures and fittings.
  The Bad
Cheap electric hand dryers.
The sizeable hole in the partition between the two cubicles.
The exposed electrical box.
The blue plastic bin doesn't match the green and white theme.
The red graffiti that adorns the walls.
Final Rating: 8 out of 10 Toilet Rolls

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