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burgess hill toilet guide logoBurgess Hill Uncovered Public Toilet Guide
The Martlets in 2004

The town centre boasts 3 sets of toilets.
This week we are reviewing the toilets which are conveniently located outside the Burgess Hill Library. The're also next-door to the classic lower-class shopping heaven known as Lidl. It's a good job the toilets are nearby with the cheap food they sell!

The cubicles have a metal, wall mounted toilet paper dispenser, the quality of the paper is the type you use at infant school to make pictures! which spells bad news for your bottoms!
We got as close to the bowl as we dared, as you can see, impressively, the bowl doesn't have any poo stains, either there is a very good cleaner, or no one uses these facilities.
Shockingly, a member of the public was using the facilities when we were getting our shots for the site! He said that he loves the wall mounted, push-button flush!
These toilets use the classic stainless steel all-in-one hand clensing unit. You know, the one where the button saying 'SOAP' doesn't actually dispense anything!
Classic stainless steel, all-in-one hand cleanser
A wonderful, stainless steel urinal adorns the rear wall of the toilet block, geat for hygiene and easy to wipe clean!

Summing Up
The Good
We liked the stainless steel features and the white tiles on the wall, they all help make these particular toilets hygienic!
The state of the toilet bowls were also impressive!
  The Bad
The lack of working soap button and really rough toilet paper are the bad factors.
A new coat of paint would also be nice
Final Rating: 6 out of 10 Toilet Rolls

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